Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Am Illuminated By Spirit

Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart.

Victor Hugo

As I see and feel Divine Power displaying Itself in the wind, the snow, and the air that chills, I know that this Power lives and breathes through me, as me – expressing divinely within me. I take this moment to be mindful and focus my awareness to this Truth; experiencing all of life’s Good through that eternal spring in my heart that is God. As the daylight shortens and the evenings grow long, I embody the center of my Being, awash in the ease, joy, love, and opulence that is my Source. With a deep breath and a full heart, my gratitude expands as, too, the faith of my heritage deepens. Like the sun, I am assured in Its brightness; like the moon, I am revealed in Its luminescence; and like the earth, though solid, I am flexible and evolving, rededicated to peace for my community and myself. Amongst the holly and mistletoe, I give birth the fertile thoughts of abundance; beneath the evergreen, I present only Good to my life and the world; in the light of the candles twinkling, I am reminded of the Divine everlasting that is all living things; and like the year to come, I am renewed, for my greatest days are here. It is now that I Am Illuminated By Spirit...and I soar.