Thursday, December 31, 2020


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Our theme for 2020 has been Perception...

What is our impression of life and us in it?

What do we grasp, acknowledge, understand, believe, recognize, and reveal?

Amid the pandemic, the fires, and other conditions, we brought you answers, tools, and more questions in order to upgrade your perception about how your life works. 

This may be the final blog post of 2020, but it is not a look back. I am sure many would like to forget 2020...the lockdown, work, and school on Zoom, toilet paper shortages. If 2020 was a person, I'd sue him for pain and suffering. If 2020 got an Amazon or Yelp review, it would get one star – not recommended. I did get to read a lot of books and, I don't know about you, but I finished all of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Disney+ by July.

2020 was much like an episode of Twilight made Tiger King seem normal. And for me, sweats were the predominant pant for 2020 – I'm wearing some right now. And social distancing? I never thought “I wouldn’t touch them with a six-foot pole” would become a national policy. Oh, and remember singing “Happy Birthday” -twice- while washing your hands? For a while there, every time I went to the bathroom, kids expected me to walk out with a cake.

This morning I want to review our year of Perception. But not to look back … to move forward

We see the world, not as it is, but as we are. ~Talmud

We started our year learning about perception through the elements ...air, earth, water, fire. The air taught us to have ventilation through revelation:

To clear the air of conditions
And breathe the air of Truth

To keep away the fear, the despair of the news, the climate, or the idiots in government we grounded ourselves to Mother Earth, gaining strength from her profound power. And to live at our fullest, we learned to become the lake; flushing out the negative with overflowing positive by filling our minds and hearts with the best words, the loftiest ideas, the most loving thoughts. All this to give us a base, empowered by Truth to endure, optimize, be smart, be centered, and have vitality, joy, wisdom,and love on high.

All the power and intelligence of the Universe is already within, waiting to be utilized. The Divine Spark must be fanned into a blaze of the living Fire of your own divinity.  ~Ernest Holmes, Creative Mind and Success

We all have heard that seeing is believing, however...

Believing creates the seeing!

  ...and seeing God in everything creates harmony. When we remove the obstructions in our perceptions and our histories, we have a vision of infinite possibilities.

But don't squint to try to focus on that change, update, upgrade, or transform/transcend. It leads to double vision and a false sense of clarity.

Don't squint -you don't have to- open your eyes wide, the ones in your head and in your heart. Open them to the luminescence of Divine Wisdom and It will reflect in everything you think, feel, and do.

As we perceive through the Divine Feminine in us all, we tap into our foresight and creative wisdom; nurturing the nature of our inherent spiritual perfection, and thus suiting up for constant success. Walt Whitman wrote:

The moment you stand up and claim your divinity,

Christ is reborn within your heart, Buddha rejoices,

Mohammed dances upon the mountaintop,

Lao Tzu winks approvingly

And the Promise of the Tree of Life is Fulfilled.

And I know that the hand of God is the promise of my own,

And I know that the spirit of God is the brother of my own

And that all the men ever born are also my brothers,

And the women my sisters...

Perception and Focus go hand-in-hand. Remember this story?

A small boy was wandering in the woods and saw a monk sitting on a rock. He went up to the monk and asked him to impart a bit of wisdom.

The monk looked at the small boy and said, “My child, be a Lion, not a dog.”

Puzzled, the boy asked, “What does that mean, be a lion, not a dog?”

“When you throw a ball at a dog,” asked the monk, “what does he do?”

“The dog chases the ball,” the boy replied.

“Yes,” said the monk, “but if you threw it at the Lion, it wouldn't care at all about the ball. Its attention would be on you who threw the ball, not on the Now think about it:  if someone is throwing balls at a lion, what happens next when the lion turns to look?”

“The person throwing the ball better run away before he gets eaten,” the small boy said.

“Correct, my boy. The Lion stays put, focused on you, waiting to grab hold of you.

Confused, the small boy asked the monk, “that's a scary story, teacher, what am I supposed to learn from that other than don't throw a ball at a lion?”

“Like the lion, my friend, always focus on the source.... not the incidents, not the effects....go to the source.”

And that Source is Spirit....our highest self....with Clear and present certainty, we are free to see It and Live It.

Do you perceive yourself as a maverick of intention?

Do you use imagination and faith, knowing the Universe is your ally to end the war on lack or limitation of any kind?

As we perceive life through the roots of our Nature, we commune with the Power of all Life, consecrating ease, and awareness in our thinking. With the seeds of faith as part of our Divine tapestry, unified in the One, we dedicate our mind and heart to just do the God in us. We may pray and meditate with persistence and gusto (which sometimes is hard), but we no longer toil.

Staying in tune with the Divine gives us the tools to carve out what it is we want, desire, require in our lives.

Perception taught us to give credit where credit is due...right here (in the heart-brain) within you. Each of us is the conduit, the sun, the connection. When we soak in the energy of the Universe and Creation with gratitude, commune and be in tune with the Divine, put foundations under our castles in the air, we can wrap up our greatest manifestations with a bow. As satirist Jonathan Swift reminds us:

Real vision is the ability to see the invisible. 

For even when frustrations arise

We can weep, rage, breathe, then sing, and let Divine Love Light the way to laying down our burdens and shadows. I ask you not to forget 2020, but to learn from it. Not to be pissed about it, but to release the anger and forgive it. I ask you to not look back but to look forward.

Some of 2020 events will follow us into 2021, but our perception of those events, how we relate or react to them doesn't have to. Let's take 2021 with advice ala King Henry from Shakespeare's Henry V:

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;

...imitate the action of the tiger:

Stiffen the sinews, conjure up the blood,

...set the teeth and stretch the nostril wide;

...breathe and bend up every spirit [Its] full height. us here...the mettle of your pasture:  let us swear that you are worth your

[Divine] breeding; which I doubt not;

… [and] hath … noble lustre in your eyes.

The game's afoot [the year anew]:

Follow your spirit; and upon this charge,

Cry 'God [is] for me! and All the world peace, vitality, joy, prosperity, and love!'


Happy New Year...HAPPY NEW YOU!

Affirmative Incantation

I look forward to this new year. 

I look forward to this prosperous year. 

I step into my wealth and soak up my good health. Vitality, vibrancy, and victory are abundant in my life this year of 2021. It shall be state-of-the-art, cutting-edge, advanced, and unspoiled.

I look forward to a creative year full of loving relationships, peace of mind, and good flowing in of inspiration. I acknowledge my Divinity and Its vibration will show through during all of 2021. 

Happy New Year and Happy New Me.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020


Lyrics from the Melanie song Lay Down (Candles in the Rain) tell us:

We were so close, there was no room

We bled inside each others wounds

We all had caught the same disease

And we all sang the songs of peace 

Part of the “wrapping it up with a bow” theme in December includes wrapping up our past that lingers in the dis-ease of shame, blame, guilt and pain; purging its energy and sending that energy off to the Universe to be used for better purposes, so it does not hold us back or leave some shadow in our belief system of not deserving the best life. We all have wounds from causing wounds, a bit of dis-ease from hurting someone else, as well as hurts we have experienced. However we also have the ability to create a field, a synergy within that can be used to change our consciousness and the beliefs that attract these conditions.

Our spiritual practices create the field...a field of release, healing, and forgiveness.

Wake up! Your word is all powerful. Your consciousness is one with Omnipotence. Your thought is infinite. Your destiny is eternal and your home is everlasting heaven. Realize the truth – I am living in a perfect universe, it always was perfect and always will be perfect.  ~Ernest Holmes

We have the ability to clear our subconscious or subjective mind, to open ourselves up from the tyranny of our past woes, worries, mistakes, and behaviors. It's not to render us not guilty of these transgressions but to free us so we can move from them and step into our potential, manifest our best, and thus give back and be of service to our world at full force. This deep love of self is a transformational intelligence.

When heart connections are made, our neural pathways expand and wise up. We reveal inner peace and thus World Peace because a peace exists in us. If you take a candle into a cave, you light the cave, yet you could also light many candles from the one and increase the light. So too, in giving light by exploring and releasing past pain and guilt/blame/shame can we optimize our manifestations

Melanie's song reminds us to:

Lay down, lay down, let it all down

Let your white birds smile up at the ones who stand and frown

The white bird, the dove in your's time to release it; to let it smile up all the frowns and habits of our past transgressions.

Release the resistance!

The manifestation work is done immediately by the Universe, however, what it looks like has to do with what you believe and where you stand...

I had a dream I met the Law. I won’t tell you what she looked liked or what she was wearing.

I met the Law and the Law was taking me on a tour. We entered this huge area, infinite, with rows and rows of stuff. We were walking along and all of a sudden I saw my name. 

I said, “hold on, wait; this my stuff?”

She said, “Well you know, whatever you want, whatever you require or declare or are going to require or declare – it’s all here ...waiting for is for you to reveal it in your life. 

So, yeah, it’s your row of stuff.

I looked at it. "Ah, look at that, it just goes on forever, I can have anything, anytime, it just goes on forever. That’s so great." There were boxes and labels of all kinds of things and ideas. And I noticed something I had already received. I said, “I remember getting that, but it didn’t really look as nice as that.

And she said, “Well, that’s because you were standing on the corner.”

“The corner, what are you talking about?

“Well,” she said, “when these things are delivered you have to be on Truth Trail.”

“Truth Trail?”  I asked.

“Yeah,” she said, “when that was being delivered you were standing on the corner of Truth Trail and Fear Avenue, so that was colored by your position at the corner.”

“Huh?”  I continued walking down and soon noticed some great things that were in my life and then I saw there was something that never really happened …so far, something that I have wanted and desired. And I said, “what happened to that? I wanted that, I was standing on Truth Trail, I did Treatment for it and everything else…"

“No……I heard you, the Law heard you. It was being delivered, but you weren’t on Truth Trail, you were on I Don’t Deserve It Drive. If you’re not on Truth Trail, it doesn’t show up.

“Jeez,” I said, “But what about that?” 

She said, “don’t even ask, you were on Lack Lane, buddy. When you are on Lack Lane, everything is tainted.”

I tell you this story because I want you all to join me in digging in, delving deeper into your spiritual Mind practices, to pay forward in mental coin so that the stuff that you require, the attitudes you require, the relationships you require, the peace of mind you have decided to have shown up as you desired it, as you pictured it, as you wanted it.

Let me encourage you to stay on Faith Freeway or Belief Boulevard or Spirit Street if you can’t be on Truth Trail. Because UPS  -the Universal Prosperity Service- they’re going to deliver and you want to be at the right address to get the right and perfect delivery.

Our belief sets the limit to the quality of our demonstration through a Principle that is limitless and from a Universal warehouse with infinite possibilities ready to fill everything you require. So it is not a question of Its willingness or of Its ability, it is entirely a question of our own receptivity and freedom from shame, blame, guilt, or regret. If you find your thoughts and beliefs flavored with any of that lack junk:  

Keep praying, treating your mind with love, 
backed by knowing your power 
...the Divine power within

It is like holding a glass with dirty water. You start pouring the mental equivalent of the clean, freshwater of prosperity or health or whatever into that glass; with love and gratitude-filled prayer and spiritual practice overflowing. In the Gospel of Thomas, Yeshua is quoted, 

If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.

Look at what beliefs and decisions you inherited from your family or adopted from society. 

  What beliefs and decisions do you have regarding your mind and body?

  What beliefs and decisions do you have about your family or love relationships?

   What beliefs and decisions do you have about friends, money, community, or work?

  What beliefs and decisions do you have about your Higher Self and Source? 

Where do you stand on those things now? In order to relieve the burden, you create gnosis, an understanding that allows you to release them in the revelation process to decide what you are for vs what you are against. 

You are for the forgiveness of all.

You are for the conscious eradication of any evil intentions within.

You are for a forward movement of Divine Love and Intelligence, intentionally activated in your consciousness and physical reality.

Since the explosion of the first atom bomb, we have read about the possibility of a physical chain reaction that might destroy civilization, as we understand it. There is another kind of energy that is even more important. This is the energy of faith, of affirmative prayer and spiritual meditation. There is no reason to doubt that in the field of spiritual consciousness a chain reaction could be created which would bless the world.  ~Ernest Holmes, Living the Science of Mind 

It's not the bills or the kids or the elderly or even the government. It's the burden in our minds. The darkness in our soul that must be revealed, laid down and released.

So raise the candles high

'Cause if you don't we could stay black against the night

Oh, raise them higher again

And if you do we could stay dry against the rain

Lay Down, Lay Down your burdens and celebrate the holidays by freeing ourselves of our burdens and making a stand on Truth Trail.

Affirmative Incantation

Peace in my heart out pictures as peace in my life and in the world. My peace of mind is a reflection of the Christ consciousness I share with all-kind. 

Since my Word affirms this step...and the next step, and the next, I shall speak it full of faith and conviction. I now reveal all that is hidden which has blocked my way. And I declare that all energies that is revealed shall now be reduced, reused, and recycled into the Universe for a greater cause...a greater purpose...a positive light.

I do not ignore, I reveal. I will not forget, I make an apology and forgive. I am not reminding, I am releasing. I detox and declutter, forgiving myself and others for any and all transgressions. I choose to lay down my regrets. I choose to lay down my trespasses. I choose to lay down my arms of negativity. I shall let the rain wash away the hurt and pain and to heal. In this moment, I claim my freedom from any guilt, shame, blame, or “woe is me.” That history no longer holds me from my beautiful, abundant, positive, peaceful, healthy, happy, joyous, and prosperous life. 

I now allow peace of mind, a clear conscience, the Christ Consciousness, and an ease of body to dominate my mind and out-picture in my life. I joyously sing praises and gratitude for the cleansing of my soul and the song of hallelujah that echoes in my heart.

Thursday, December 17, 2020


          When it rains it pours ...

It's hard to breathe when all you know is

The struggle of staying above

The rising water line    ~Kacey Musgraves, RAINBOW

Holidays bring attention to not being able to have in-person celebrations with our loved ones sucks. It brought a friend of mine to write:  "Just wanna have a big cry every day. That's normal, right?"

And a mutual college friend to reply:  "I’m on an every other day schedule, keeps me from dehydration." 

And I replied:  "Normal, healthy, required, and somehow refreshing...the release has opened my heart though increased my Kleenex budget." It's like a cloud, a shadow hanging over us and winter doesn't help.

What do we learn from this shadow? from the dark of winter or shadows cast from our past in any season? is there richness available in the shadow place?

We're taught: 

Perfect God, perfect person, perfect being

God is the Light that dissolves darkness

As the Unity prayer says:

We humans may not be perfect in daily life, however in the spiritual life/being-ness, we are, and thus we hold the potential to move that over to our physical reality. We are taught to look beyond conditions. In fact to spiritually turn away from them, aligning consciousness with the Divine pattern of wholeness, completeness, and perfection. We also understand that sometimes we need healing of the invisible wounds in our soul. Those that show up in the trigger reactions, making trouble with our manifesting abilities. When we edge out God with limiting thoughts, it seats us in the shadow of fears and limited thinking and the subconscious ideas of not-enoughness and not-deserving-ness, victim-hood, and regret.

This lockdown, semi-lockdown, stay-at-home, very limited public gatherings stuff has invited loneliness, boredom, and frustration, and allowed shadow traits to rear their ugly heads.

So what do we do? how do we remember the spiritual truth of who we are?

To start with, we might want to actually welcome the Shadow, the fear, the isolation, and become aware of the feelings called inferior, worthless, unworthy, and the primitive side and feelings of human nature; one’s own dark side. As satirist Jonathan Swift reminds us:

Real vision is the ability to see the invisible. 

Seeing/recognizing/revealing it and its seemingly continuous presence is stepping onto the path of healing / transform it...even ridding ourselves of it.

And...You gotta feel to heal!!!

The 5 stages of grief and loss are:

  • Shock and denial
  • Anger...and pain and guilt
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance...and forgiveness and healing

We might want to begin with, as my friend suggested is becoming a constant, to just weep - a good ole cathartic cry. Why?

A. Has a soothing effect, relieves pain, and promotes a sense of well-being, and enhances mood.

B. Releases toxins relieves stress and lowers blood pressure

C. Aids in sleep

D. Fights bacteria and helps to reduce risks presented by bioterror agents if you get near such things.

E. Improves vision. Though don't throw your eyeglasses away.

After a good cry, you might want to rage a bit. Now, rage might not be the best word for it....maybe's say....intense, but controllable anger. Anger is usually about something we feel we have no control over. So...

Find that pillow you don't really like. Maybe it was a gift you felt badly about tossing out. And tear it to pieces. "It was COVID,” you'll say. Don't worry, Aunt Agnes will understand. 

You see, denying these feelings their short but necessary due, denies you the experience of a correction and results in an unconscious inner conflict which can suddenly erupt as aggression. The dark side, whether from past hurts/mind chatter / COVID crap, is a part of that which wants to come out, be said hi to, hugged, forgiven, and released. Recognizing the shadow can be the catalyst towards change and enlightenment - soothing the child in you.

 A shadow is produced when an object blocks light. Whenever we block the light guiding our life, we create a shadow. Only when we are transparent and in alignment with the source of light, as when the sun is directly overhead, does the shadow magically disappear.   ~Jacob Liberman 

When I get defensive or triggered or upset, I quickly take the time to recognize why, and sometimes from where and when:  Why are these feelings/thoughts charged with negative energy? and who is really in charge of them?


And then I apologize and communicate about what the heck was going on; thus putting me on the road or even at the finish line of healing it.

If you could see what I see

You'd be blinded by the colours
Yellow, red and orange and green
And at least a million others
So tie up the boat  

Take off your coat

And take a look around 


The Source and Substance of our supply is the source and substance of our healing.

So now that you have wept and raged, it's time to Breathe; the third of the four stages of our reactions to the shadows that pop up in life.

We can sit in the shade or move into the sunshine. ´Sitting in the shadow, we do not really believe that there is any sunshine. But the sun would be there all the time, and all the time we are in bondage, the real freedom exists. It is there, but we must awake to It. … control the subjective and [do] not let it control us. [Do not] mistake the shadow for the reality; the form for real substance; the hollow voice for revelation and thereby be misled.   ~Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind

A pandemic is a terrible thing to waste. So let's observe where you are defensive! what easily triggers and upsets you. At the same time, let's cultivate the recognition of your divinity and unrestricted self-love!

'Cause the sky has finally opened

The rain and wind stopped blowin' ......

Let go of your umbrella

'Cause, darling, I'm just tryin' to tell ya

That there's always been a rainbow hangin' over your head

[And} It'll all be alright    ~Kacey Mulgraves

I wrote this on Saint Nicholas Day, the inspiration for Santa Claus. In that light, gift yourself the power of weep, rage, breathe and then take the final step to 

SING praises to the Divine in you that is you!

Sing praises to who you are! Through the power of weep, rage, breathe, and sing, you shall call forth the assistance to release the shadow. And with awareness, venting, and affirmative prayer, you shall bring the song of joy, Light, Love, Prosperity, Health, and Peace into your life

Weep, Rage, Breathe, Sing and let Love Light the Way

Affirmative Incantation

I accept where I am right now. I embrace any shadows in my life as something to learn from and step through with intelligence, compassion, forgiveness and courage. With  that I  reclaim  my highest good lighting the way. Divine Light dissolves the darkness and suffering in my life and that of the world with ease and grace. 

As I acknowledge the darkness and shadow which may surround me, I enthusiastically release them  right now. I surgically remove any hate, triggers, negativity, or victim-hood of the past. And I expand the Love, Light, Beauty, Wisdom, Power, and Joy of my Life; empowered by the luminescence and Intelligence of the unconditional Agape of Spirit. 

Love Lights the Way!

Wednesday, December 16, 2020


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  Listen, listen, listen to my heart's song...I will never forget you, I   will never forsake you...  ~Paramahansa Yogananda

  Deeply embedded in our nature is the knowledge of how to receive. It    is a great and beautiful birthright. And yet, for any number of reasons,    we sometimes do not believe that we can receive good or we believe      that our only value is in giving.

  The Universe is impersonal. It gives alike to all. It is no   respecter of persons. It values each alike. Its nature is to impart,   ours to receive. When we stand in the light, we cast a shadow   across the pathway of our own experience. Emerson advises that   we get our bloated nothingness out of the way of the divine   circuits. ~Ernest Holmes, "The Science of Mind"

 Reality Check:  we’re in an ever-flowing cycle of giving and receiving. It is the literal process of our breath. We receive oxygen at the inhale, “God Is,” and give carbon dioxide, “I Am,” at the exhale; giving other living beings an element of their survival and thriving. In the Law of Circulation - in the flow - God gives to ItSelf (each of us). We live in synchronicity with the world around us and each of us will experience this when we know...

Where I sit is holy; Holy is the ground.

Who I am is holy; Holy are we.

Body, thought, emotion:  Connecting you and me.  ~Shaina Noll

Where do we position ourselves in the ebb and flow of the universe?  in a stance of interconnectivity? in a position to receive good and foster good being received by others?  

We are not bloated nothingness, yet there are aspects of the ego that certainly show up in a “bloated nothingness suit” and can cause us to turn our back towards the warmth that is available to us. We need only pivot ourselves in the direction of that good with our arms wide open, ready to receive the sunlight, moonlight, the intoxicating sound of rain falling, our purpose calling, being swept off our feet with love, compassion, and all the bounty the Universe has to offer.

Who's doing that and how much?

For most of us, it's “sometimes.” Sometimes we’re open to goodness, to receive goodness. Perhaps you live in a space of receptivity every day. If so, congrats on rockin' the joy. But maybe your answer is a resounding, “No.” Your brain screams that the wide arm receptive stance poses too many risks and provokes undesirable feelings. If that is your experience you are not alone. 

Brene Brown discovered that about 15-20% of people live in a full-hearted way where they can easily both give and receive love in the divine synchronistic flow. The findings suggested that what causes the ability to really receive as well as give is whether or not people believe they are lovable at a core truth.

Do we believe we are irrefutably lovable and valuable? That we don’t need any benchmark of success to prove it? 

When we can know our value, we are more in touch with our feelings, both those we label as positive or negative, and that helps us become big-hearted receivers of good and givers of good. Many times we must look in between the spaces:


Here we are, and there's a place where I can meet you, in between, and in the spaces in between, the stories that we've made...  Shaina Nol (In Between the Spaces)

What to do with that leftover gratitude?

Gratitude is like those carryover minutes in a mobile or data plan - the leftovers are re-usable. Just like Turkey Day's leftovers. You can make a sandwich of turkey and thankfulness, moistened with gravy and gratitude or a soup of forgiveness, vulnerability, and healing or a casserole of declarations and revelations or even some turkey and affirmation-filled egg rolls, or perhaps wow-is-me waffles topped with cranberry and Divine Intelligence.

What we intentionally welcome into our lives or ingest into our minds has a tremendous impact on how wide our hearts will open and how available we can be to receive the goodness we require from the Universe. We are taught that we should mostly welcome benchmarks of power and strength without much if any, vulnerability and tenderness. Power is worshiped. It projects strength and invulnerability. But isn't vulnerability a courageous thing to embrace? a part of the core of our humanness?

Perhaps being open to this is precisely what makes peace and love and cooperation possible. It is this openness to a vulnerability that allows us to receive and reveal the Divine within us. When we do this, there is much leftover for another day. Brene Brown found in her research:

... people who deeply believed that they were worthy of love and belonging [and] believed this regardless of the circumstances, unlike the majority of us who think: "Okay, I'm worthy of love and belonging a little bit, but I'll be super worthy if I get promoted. Or I'll be super worthy if I lose 20 pounds."  These folks believed that they were lovable and that they had a place in the world, and those beliefs translated into specific choices they made every day. They were aware. They recognized shame, and they knew how to deal with it. They recognized vulnerability, and they were willing to feel it—rather than ignore or numb.

When we can welcome in our own vulnerability and the vulnerability of others we are well on our way to being grateful and cheerful receivers of goodness. Let’s cultivate our tenderness and tune into God’s rhythm.

The ebb and flow of life is just waiting to course through us ...with plenty leftover!           

Affirmative Incantation 

I stand strong with my mind and heart open to the infinite possibilities in front of me. Nothing separates me from the river of prosperity that flows throughout the Universe as I give and receive my time, talent, and treasure. I am always in surplus of the vitality, knowledge, boldness, curiosity, and schedule required to fulfill my life with all the nourishment the mind, body, and spirit requires. 

I am getting me some 'happy.' I am getting me some love. I am getting me some security. I am getting me some adventure and joy on this journey. And I am doing this right now, with many leftovers available for all.

With ease, peace, and gratitude I celebrate today with wild abandon.