Sunday, August 21, 2011

The War is Over

I am here to declare that the war is over. It's time to end the fighting, the hardship, the hunger, the beatings, killings, disease, famine, theft, and anger.
Put down your signs, put down your weapons, put down your ammo, and forever put away your hate. They have done you no good. They have advanced you not one iota of peace, tranquility, or serenity. You just have an abundance of conflict and aggression. There is no use for it. No more money is in your pocket from it, your health is being compromised by it, and your relationships will, if they haven’t already, suffer because of it. So I repeat: I am here to declare that the war is over.

That war I am referring to is the war with yourself.

If man takes his images of thought

only from his previous experiences,

then he continues in the bondage which those

previous experiences create.

If we talk about discord,

we shall become more discordant.

The more the world arms for war,

the more certain it is that there will be war.

-Ernest Holmes “Science of Mind” (pg 110-3)

What wars have you been fighting? Family history, some supposed DNA-infused future illness, thoughts that you are not good enough or young enough or good-looking enough, not as talented as so-and-so, the must do’s, must be-s, must haves, the ‘never get the breaks’, somebody said you didn’t have the ability or education, etc, etc, etc and on and on and on.

And what or where have these wars gotten you? More Guilt? Shame? Lack? Illness? Various forms of dis-ease, disharmony, dysfunction? What? Which or all of the above?

Well, stop it. Stop it! You have the power. You have the Power. Right here and right now. It is in you, a part of you, divinely included in every fiber of your being for you to use. It is the Power of Decision.

Your job is to embody this power consistently and use it consciously for only your good, whatever that means to you. That Power is your Mind. That Power is your ability to choose your beliefs - the ones you hang onto and empower with your thoughts and emotions. Beliefs – thoughts infused with emotion - are energy. They are an energy that is palpable, capable, proven to be efficacious and a power to be reckoned with in changing what experiences in have in your life:

All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force...

We must assume behind this force

the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind.

This Mind is the matrix of all matter.

-Max Planck German physicist, founder of the quantum theory

Stopping warring with yourself. Give yourself a break. Don’t you know who you are?

If one guy with a bullet could change the world

in the school depository in Dallas or a hotel in Los Angeles or Memphis;

how much more could one person with an idea,

the right idea, change the world.

Today, this day, the world will change forever,

not because of the clash of armies,

not in the currency of bomb blasts or body counts

but through the proper application of the only force that matters,

the only power that even God respects, the Truth.

- from “Jeremiah” by J. Michael Stracynski

You are that Truth. There is a power for Good in the Universe and you get to use it. You can use it because the Source of all gave it to you to use. It is your choice whether to use it constructively or destructively. So, which will you choose? Fear or Faith? Lack or Abundance? Vitality or disease? Disharmony or love? Let us remove the shame, the doubt, the fear, the hate, the blame or the disappointment and replace it with empowerment, awareness, faith, love and conscious/mindful living.

Easier said than done, you say? Easier said than believed - maybe. It may take some time (two seconds, two days or two months) to change your thinking but why not start now? What have you got to lose but less crap in your life? It begins with your word. Your thoughts, coupled with your feelings and their connection to that thought, equals your belief and thus the decisions you make based on those beliefs. After which, comes the experiences that are mirroring that belief.

Yep, your beliefs show up in your life. Take a gander at your life now. It gives a good inclination of how you’ve been thinking. You can remove the crappy thoughts and replace them with the beliefs that will bring more of the good and great into your life.

And know that you are not alone. You are backed by the One Power, the Divine Intelligence, the Thing Itself: God, Source, Love, Life, the Universe, Phil – whatever you want to call It. You are backed by the sweet Spirit that wants to give you the experiences of health, wealth, loving relationships and prosperity in all things. It wants to provide you with serenity, love and vitality. The only requirement from you is to believe that you do, too. And It doesn’t care how you believed yesterday, years ago or even a moment ago. What are you thinking now?

So, yes, go ahead and deal with the junk that has already shown up in your life, however it needs to be dealt with, but stop the needless and superfluous, the downright harmful, acts of shame, blame and guilt.

Stop the war. Decide the b.s. is out of your B.S. (belief system).

The time is now. The Universe is calling. Pick up and receive your Good. Don’t be a passive observer and get sucked into results from the Law of Averages or race consciousness (i.e. the news, what everybody else believes, etc.). Start creating your life how you want it to be. It all starts in your Mind.

Affirm daily, hourly, by the minute and every second, if need be, what it is you want to believe. Meditate on it, do a spiritual mind treatment or affirmative prayer about it, consistently and consciously live and breath ‘as if’ with it, self-hypnotize, concretize, realize, logically summarize, focus on and ultimately choose to decide what it is you want to believe is how you now indeed do believe. Then you will truly end the war and watch the rebuilding and prosperity show up in your life and thrive in peace.