Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Live a Life of Victorious Goddness and Prosperity!

I live a life of victorious goodness and prosperity!

In ancient times, palm branches signified goodness and victory. The Jews use this during the holiday of Sukkot to represent part of the struggle of the Israelites on their 40 year journey out of Egypt (used palm fronds to build housing, etc.) and to thank God for a good Summer abundance and to say, 'hey, don't forget next year'.

Today, the Christians celebrate Palm Sunday. The day Jesus entered the City of Jerusalem on a donkey (which represents peace). He was greeted not so much as the spiritual leader who taught them the way to think...bringing the heart and mind together and the innate divinity in all to the know...“the kingdom of heaven is within” and the “we reap what we sow” stuff that are two major tenets of our teaching.

The people also looked to him as a potential political leader who would save them from the Roman rule. The cries of Hosanna mean 'save now'.

Jesus showed up to show the people how to save themselves from themselves....from the perception of less than, the missing the mark, the sin, you might say, of self-doubt, the ignorance of fear, and the dis-ease of shame, blame and guilt.

Earlier, Moses was around to illustrate the Power of God, the respect and love that is deserved for this singular Divine entity, this Creative Intelligence that is Allness, everywhere and with everyone – Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Republican. All the mystics over the centuries spoke up to show that we are Spirit infused. And that this Divine, love-filled Source is ours to use and be one with. 
Today, I want this to be a symbol for all of us to have the courage and tenacity to tell the world, when 'negative commands of a culture of fear” show up in the media, conversation and mind... to get lost. I am not telling you to ignore the facts or the experiences going on in the world and your life that aren't so nice, but to learn to transcend them. The perspective of not ignoring your pains, just not absorbing them is a choice you can make.Take action in body through your intention of Mind, supported by the love of life.

In the book “The Heart-Mind Matrix”, Joseph Pearce discusses how the heart can teach the mind new ways to think, especially in the midst of chaos. In the forward, Dr. Robert Sardello, co-founder of the School of Spiritual Psychology wrote,

“The Self expresses the Universal through the heart and the individual aspect of things through the Mind.” In gestation, the brain is developed with neurons, through what is called the neural tube, with mitochondria cells that come from the heart. There is a physical connection there from day one of our physical development.

I urge you to continuously loop the head with the heart, the Mind with the Spirit, the calculating intellect with the engine of feeling, and bring conscious victorious goodness into your life.
Then share it with the world, so that love and peace spreads, overwhelms and prevails.