Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Mastery of the Self

The Mastery of the Self lies in the connection that is inevitable. That of my mind to Spirit; to the Universal Power that individualizes Itself in me, as me, for me, and with me.

I now claim for myself and the all forces involved that the Law hears my will and does its work from my thought, my belief that Self Mastery is a given. That all that is discussed, inspired, worked, heard, instilled, shared, and taken is embedded in me as much as the Divine is at birth. That I daily and continuously live only in the practice and of and the dedication to a life of Self Mastery; thinking, being, believing, and experiencing life and demonstrations that are deep rooted in the Divine. Divine Intelligence, Creativity, Perfect Continuous Health, Abundant Money, Healthy and Loving Relationships, Serenity and Peace of Mind carry through, along with any other facets of my life; engaged in perfect demonstration by my Self Mastery training and know how. I live it, I breath it, I demonstrate through it and experience the greatest life possible as It.
Gratefully, I release these words of belief, these thoughts rooted in faith and knowing into that Law. The Cause and Effect are done. The mental equivalent is solid and I am at ease with it all.
And so it is.