Sunday, November 20, 2011

Occupy Your Mind

There has been a lot of talk lately about the 99 percent-ers and the 1 percent-ers in our country. It is an us vs. them dialogue culminating in a mostly peaceful demonstration and takeover of public parks, government building areas and schools, colleges and universities. It is a movement that is bringing up valid concerns of equality and fairness; and questioning the current concepts of community and patriotism that seem to prevail in our uneven, regressive and loophole abundant tax code that tends to favor the "rich" (at least in their pocketbook). It brings up the issues of government support of corporations, public entitlements and the entitlement feelings of the public and the business world. It raises, once again, the notion of the leanings toward and the liens produced in the U.S. and the world that are quickly propelling us into a corporatocracy (versus democracy). And, most importantly, it poses the question of "who's the boss around here?". 

There are feelings of powerlessness and a sense of loss at what We the People... has seemingly become to mean. Are we a society run by the people (IE: the individual person as a collective) or the persons (what has lately been defined as the corporate collective)? What seems to be left to those who feel disenfranchised (the people described as the 99 percent-ers) is the use of our most important right, according to the first amendment of the document this country was formed with and holds most sacred.  And that is being usurped by overzealous, fear driven politicians and police. Though I may applaud some of the tenets of this Occupy movement and those who have peacefully addressed the issues the government more often than not cannot or will not address, I must remind every member of this collective of their individual responsibilities to ThemSelves. Not to dissuade the discussion in the micro (the smaller, though mighty factual picture) but to add to it with the macro (the larger, Universal picture - what we in the New Thought Movement call the Truth).

In the macro (the Universal), the 99 percent rules over the 1 percent. It is a place where equality is not a matter bound by tax code or the lawmakers or the GDP or the whims of the stock marketeers and banksters. It is a matter of choice and decision - personal choice and decision. It is a place where outside situations hold no grasp we don't allow to take hold. It is a place, using the term as both a noun and  verb, that is controlled by no one and no thing but YourSelf. That place is your Mind.

In your Mind, you get to decide what affects you, effects you and how your perception of what is going on gets experienced in your life. In your Mind, you are the boss around here. Again, I don't say this to dissuade the discussion going on, but to add to it by releasing the victimhood mentality (a debilitating belief producing a lack-filled life, a "self-accepted hell on earth" [Raymond Charles Barker]) and embracing the Power that is in all of us. The Power of Decision.

What you place in your subconscious mind must appear as your experience. Your subconscious mind acts as a Law of Creation. You cannot think and feel negatively over a period of time and have positive situations maintained in your experience. 
Raymond Charles Barker from The Power of Decision

I encourage you to Occupy your Mind daily and consistently with the words, thoughts, feelings and beliefs equal to your greatest good. You get to decide what those are. Lose the pepper spray of fear, lack, shame, guilt and blame - it does you no good. It just brings you a painful experience even whilst you are taking a peaceful stand to be your best. Furthermore, it goes against what is Divine in you. These are not rose-colored glasses I am persuading you to wear, but the true and correct vision of who you are - the source of your Heaven.

You are the right person, in the right place,to create a right world for yourself.
All the resources of the Infinite are already yours.
Raymond Charles Barker

Occupy Your Mind


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