Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Dream

I had a dream I met the Law (of Cause and Effect). 

I won’t tell you what she looked liked…or what she was wearing.

I met the Law and the Law was taking me on a tour.

We entered this area, huge and infinite. It had rows and rows of stuff. We were walking along and all of a sudden I saw my name.

I said,  "hold on, wait; this is my stuff?"

She said, “Well you know, whatever you want, whatever you require, whatever you are going to require – it’s all here. All we are waiting for is for you to reveal it in your life…so, yeah, it’s your row of stuff."

I looked at it…."ah, look at that, it just goes on forever, I can have anything, anytime, it just goes on forever. That’s great."

So I started looking at the stuff individually. There’s boxes and labels….and I noticed something I had already received….And I said, “I remember getting that, but it didn’t really look as nice as that."

And she said, “Well, that’s because you were standing on the corner.”
“The corner, what are you talking about?"
“Well,” she said, “when these things are delivered you have to be on Truth Trail.”

“Truth Trail?” 

She said, “Yeah, when that was being delivered, you were standing on the corner of Truth Trail and Fear Avenue, so that was colored by your position there at the corner.”

"Huh?", not quite getting it.

But I continues walking down the aisle looking at all my stuf,  noticed some great things that were in my life and suddenly I noticed there was something that never really happened…so far…that I have wanted, that I have desired….and I said, “what happened to that? I wanted that, I was standing on Truth Trail, I did treatment for it and everything else…"

“No,  I heard you, the Law heard you …we were delivering that but you weren’t on Truth Trail, you were on I Don’t Deserve It Drive. If you’re not on Truth Trail, it doesn’t show up."

I said, “What about that?” She said, “don’t even ask, you were on Lack Lane, buddy. When you are on Lack Lane, everything is tainted."

I tell you this story because I want you all to join me in digging in, delving deeper into your spiritual Mind practice, to pay forward in mental coin… so that the stuff that you require, the attitudes you require, the relationships you require, the peace of mind…they show up as you desired it, as you pictured it, as you wanted it.

Let me encourage you to stay on Faith FreewayBelief BoulevardSpirit Street… if you can’t be on Truth Trail.

Because the UPS… the Universal Prosperity Service… they’re going to deliver and you want to be at the right address to get the right and perfect delivery.

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