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The Rosetta Stone was discovered in July, 1799 by a French Captain Pierre Bouchard. During the Napoleonic wars, he was supervising the restoration of old fort near Rosetta. It was there that he found a block of basalt 3' 9” high x 2' 4½” wide. The text was a decree listing benefits which were bestowed on Egypt by King Ptolemy V. In order that all the people could read and understand what was was decreed, the text on the stone was written in two languages, Greek and Egyptian, and with three writing systems, hieroglyphic, demotic (colloquial Egyptian) and the Greek alphabet. This was why it was such a vital discovery.

Since we never lost our understanding of ancient Greek, the Greek inscriptions provided a key to decode the Egyptian equivalents. The last sentence of the Greek says, “Written in sacred and native and Greek characters,” which meant it was the same text was in three scripts: the “sacred,” which was the hieroglyphic system, and the "native,” which was the demotic script of the Egyptians, and Greek. Deciphering stone was largely the work of two people, Thomas Young of England and Jean-Fran├žois Champollion of France.

Thomas Young was a physician, physicist and all-around genius, the first to give the word “energy” its scientific meaning and remembered for his study of light. Egyptology was one of his hobbies. He began studying the texts of the Rosetta Stone in 1814. He soon correctly identified the cartouche, an oval loop w/hieroglyphs which symbolized the name of King Ptolemy. Young did this by finding the corresponding name in Greek, which gave him the key to the hieroglyphs for p, t, m, y, and s. And by examining the orientation of the Egyptians’ bird & animal characters, he also figured out the direction which hieroglyphs should be read.

Jean-Fran├žois Champollion, the founder of scientific Egyptology, was a historian and brilliant linguist. At 16, he mastered Latin, Greek and six ancient Oriental languages, including Coptic, the late form of ancient Egyptian that was written phonetically in Greek. In 1821, Champollion started where Young left off and established an entire list of Egyptian symbols with their Greek equivalents. He realized the symbols were not only alphabetic, but syllabic, and, in some cases, determinative; they depicted the meaning of the word. He also established the hieroglyphic text was translated from the Greek, not, as had been previously thought, from Egyptian into Greek. Because he understood Coptic, Champollion was able to translate the ancient Egyptian.

They cracked the Hieroglyphic code; enabling us to know the lives of pharaohs and ordinary Egyptians, who’s letters, written on papyrus, have survived thousands of years. You could say, the Rosetta Stone was not only the first language code, it was the first search engine.

Have you ever done a Google search of yourself?

It can be both fascinating and disturbing what you find about yourself in a Google search. It can be similar to what you find if you research your belief system. I don't encourage you to go on a witch-hunt of your belief systems to rot out the uglies you may have bought into, you can look at your experiences to see that. 

Google is like the Law of Cause and Effect, it is without judgment. It uses an algorithm to determine what information is constant about you and has been seen or exposed most and shows those on your screen. The more clear the terms are in your search, the more specific will be the results Google shows.

The Law is like Google, as well, without judgement. It uses an algorithm from your Mind to determine what will show up in your life. The more specific your declaration and revelation, your thoughts and feelings, the more exact and specific the results the Law manifests into your experience. 

Larry Page explains the Google search engine like this:
We stand alone in our focus on developing the perfect search engine that understands exactly what you mean and gives you back exactly what you want. Page Rank relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page's value. In essence, Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B. But, Google looks at more than the sheer volume of votes, or links a page receives; it also analyzes the page that casts the vote. Votes cast by pages that are themselves "important" weigh more heavily and help to make other pages "important.                     
Sound Familiar? 

Here's a definition of the Law of Cause and Effect from Ernest Holmes' Science of Mind glossary:
There is only One Law: Mind in action. Whatever we think, believe in, feel, visualize, vision, image, read, talk about – in fact, all processes which affect or impress us at all – are going into the subjective state of our thought, which is our individualized use of the Universal Law of Mind. The Law is a blind force, and whatever goes into the subjective state of our thought tends to return again as some condition.
Google counts the clicks your mouse links to various sites (giving preference and higher consideration to repetition and the amount/type of media involved beyond regular text - the depth of the search), the Law counts your mental clicks to your ideas, feelings and beliefs (giving preference and higher consideration based on the depth and consistently of those ideas, feelings and beliefs beyond the passing thoughts). 

Google uses over 100 factors to determine your result, adapting constantly to the clicks and views throughout the internet. So too similarly does the Law!

The Google algorithm is a secret and is updated every so often, something most of us are not privy to. The Law of Cause and Effect also uses an algorithm of sorts, what I call The Algorithm of your Mind and works like this:

Ex = T + F   *  CUL [(R + U) x DR (G+Rs)]    
                                               CB [S/UM + RC]

Let me explain:

Experience equals

Thought plus Feeling

Divided by Core Beliefs, which is [Subconscious/Unconscious Mind (thoughts and ideas that have turned into beliefs) plus Race Consciousness (accepted thoughts of the Human race or upbringing or environment)]

Multiplied by a Conscious Use of the Law (one's intentional Word in meditation, self-talk or prayer). 

Affirmative Prayer or Spiritual Mind Treatment is defined as [Recognition of the Divine Power plus a Unification with that Power]

Times a Declaration/Revealing of your requirement / desire

Multiplied to the power of Gratitude (an acceptance of and thanksgiving for that which has already been given) plus the Release (which is a full and complete faith in R+U and of one's Word into the Law of Cause and Effect)]

We manifest experiences by impressing consistent thoughts, powered by feelings, which become beliefs, into a Universal Google, which we call the Law of Cause and Effect (sometimes called the Law of Correspondence, the Law of Attraction, the Law of ...)

If you don't like what comes up on the screen or in your life – you can change it. On Google, you use SEO (search engine optimization tools) on your website and specific keywords and phrases in your search parameters.

In Life...

What thought has done, thought can undo. The mental patterns laid down in your subconscious throughout the ages can be consciously removed.   ~THIS THING CALLED YOU (Ernest Holmes)

To change the Google ranking of your Mind:

Check in / have awareness / decide / take action

Raise the beliefs you want and/or which serve you

Lower or dismantle the ones that don't

As Raymond Charles Barker said in the fabulous book, THE POWER OF DECISION:

As long as you are thinking and feeling what you do not want, 

your mind will continue to create your private self-accepted hell on earth.

Got some of those?

Here are some ideas if you need Search Engine Optimization online or in your life experience:

1 – Google Search: Reset cookies and cache, delete history on your browser

      Mind: Feed your thoughts with positives / meditate / nourish mind and body / stay away from negative influences

2 – Google Search: Blog / write articles / press releases / reply to comments / comment to others on similar sites about yourself or product

      Mind: Journal / optimize your self-talk / engage in spiritual mind treatment and affirmative prayer

3 – Google Search: Use Keywords, videos, pictures and tags on websites, pages, posts, and social media

      Mind: Choose words wisely that promote feelings and visuals of success using your heartfelt feelings, imagination and imagery – act as if in mind, body and spirit!

Words are molds into which the creative substance of your consciousness flows. Words without meaning, while they may have some effect through constant repetition, cannot have the same effect that words with meaning have. Your words will have meaning in such degree as you actually feel that they are the activity of the Spirit within you.  
    ~THIS THING CALLED YOU (Ernest Holmes)

What are you putting in your search engine .... B
uzz words, old mantras?

Find new meaningful, precious to you, inspiring, heartfelt, useful words … Divinely inspired words. As Ayn Rand once said:

Words are a lens to focus one's mind.                                                                                       
On your computer – Google is listening ... waiting for the orders of the search to bring to your search page the best and most efficient answers.

In your mind – The Universe is listening ....WAITING to take your order through your beliefs to bring into your experience the most accurate out-picturing of your desire.

And so….

Click back and forth to the thoughts that serve you, whether you type them or think them in.

Translate with ideas and feelings what you require the Law to manifest into your life.

Do this.... and experience everything you require.

Todays affirmation: 

I click on and link to my heart, vibrating at the frequency of love and prosperity!

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