Friday, March 1, 2019

Just as Spirit Loves Me, So Too Do I Love Myself and...

 Just as Spirit Loves me, so too do I love myself and so too, am I kind to myself by nourishing my mind, body and spirit; laughing often, loving always, forgiving everything and remembering who I Am. Knowing I am One with all, so too I know this Love, Kindness and nourishment for all creation, expecting its magnificence to shine just as bright.
As we depart the month of love and the celebration of Oneness, but continue with the Season for Non-Violence, welcoming Mardi Gras, International Women's Day, St. Patrick's Day and, of course, National Frozen Foods Day in March; let us remember that every day is our day. Our day to love, to forgive everything, to be grateful for all things and to remember who we are and what we come from.

It is our responsibility, duty, call, commission – whatever you want to call it – to be happy, be prosperous (not just about money), use our talents, time and treasure to dig in, lean in, go out on a limb and share our greatest good with the world. Sometimes that takes some courage, but it always takes heart. If you want to move forward, start with the heart. If you want to heal, start with the heart. If you want to find more love in your life, of course, start with the heart. What we feel about something, someone, an idea or a situation, is a most powerful step to what we think about it and how we will act on it. If we all stop problem solving the condition or situation first and get to the feeling of what it is we want looks like, smells like, tastes like, as well as sounds and tactile-fully feels like, we put ourselves in a state of Mind that empowers us to move forward with a perspective inviting Divine Intelligence to give us insight on our next steps and the Law to put together the hows to bring that experience into our life. How would it feel when.... It's the first question and the first answer to your greatest life.

Have a thoughtful and fabulous week.

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