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One day two frogs, Croakie and Aristoadle, were traveling in and out of a watering hole and accidentally fell into an extremely deep pit. They tried to leap out, but to no avail. So they began to yell and croak until other frogs heard them and came to help.
Seeing how deep the pit was, the other frogs yelled down to Croakie and Aristoadle that the hole was too deep for them to help. Leaning over the hole and waving their front legs, they began to yell to the frogs to just give up, there was no hope of them getting out; they were as good as dead.
But both frogs kept leaping and trying to get out of the hole. This went on for hours, and eventually one of the frogs, Croakie, taking heed to what the other frogs were telling him,  just gave up and died. However, Aristoadle continued to jump, even as the other frogs kept yelling and waving their front legs for him to stop and give up.
Finally, Aristoadle leaped so high that he was able to get to the top of the hole and use his back legs to push himself up and out. The other frogs were amazed.
When Aristoadle caught his breath, he went around thanking the other frogs for egging him on. “What are you talking about,” the other frogs asked? Aristaodle just smiled. The other frogs didn't know that this he was hard of hearing.

Life, death, encouragement, communication - what we say matters. What we hear and think matters.
Thoughts are the long run. It's all in the words we speak and the language we bare.
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. ~Book of John
The personal self and the ultimate imperishable impersonal Self are one.  ~Upanishads
Not a part, not a mode of That, but identical That, that absolute Spirit of the World.  ~Vedanta, a Hindu philosophy taught by Sri Aurobindo and the Krishna Movement
Those are descriptions of the power of your word. You are identical to That Universal Power, the I am that I Am.

Don't freak out! You are the god of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs; not the whole world. Or, on a less spiritual note, try this explanation of you:

A human being is a part of the whole, called by us "Universe,” a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest — a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. The striving to free oneself from this delusion is the one issue of true religion. Not to nourish the delusion, but to try to overcome it is the way to reach the attainable measure of peace of mind. ~Albert Einstein, 1950, condolence letter to Robert S. Marcus (Political Director of the World Jewish Congress)
If the energy of the Big Bang created all, than this energy lives in each and every one of us for us to use. That's quantum physics. We can't be afraid of this Truth, nor of the responsibility of what we experience and how we react to that experience. We especially can't be afraid of the conscious, mindful, intentional use of our Word, because that is where the power lives. Our actions may be powerful, however our word is most powerful and no action occurs without first the word in mind. This is science, gang!
A single word has the power to influence the expression of genes that regulate physical and emotional stress.  ~Andrew Newberg, M.D., neuroscientist and Mark Robert Waldman
Sometimes, we get frightened to speak truth to power. We fear some sort of slap-on-the-wrist because we stated our needs to the Universe or someone else, wondering if we are safe or worthy or if we have all the information required or the skills necessary to effectively communicate and declare our desires. This can happen on the outside, in conversation or protest with ourselves and others; and inside, in decision making, prayer, contemplation, visioning and visualizing.
I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word.  ~Emily Dickinson
Self talk is always about deciding...
 ...who we are
...what we are
...what our life is to be

What words are you using?  are they small and mumbly and without clarity? or full of fear and hesitancy? Or verbose? without much meaning? or distracted with pretty words or mantras that have no significance to you? or do you speak from reaction, instead of thoughtfulness?

When we move into a more mindful speech, we have much greater access to communicating in a fuller, multidimensional way with words that have depth, truth and purpose. Mindful speech, like all creation, is born and bred through the breath of intention and creativity. It is manifested through the word and the feeling behind it; a word that is conscious and from the heart, habitually spoken and which eventually takes root in the sub-conscious and our prevailing belief.

The word may be energetic vs. verbal, cosmic vs. vocal, or felt vs. spoken. The word may be found in the science of the Big Bang or the writings of the Tao, the Vedas, the Scriptures, the Torah, the Gnostics, the Quaran or the tales of Indigenous Tribes and Shamans and many others. Most importantly are the words we put into play that clarify our purpose, intention and declaration with bold, brave, wise, heart-felt language.

Language can spew love or hate, ethics or apathy, character or degradation, hope or despair, peace, prosperity, kindness, etc. We have the power to cause great harm or great healing with our speech to ourselves and others, as well, through our lack of speaking up. Silence is speech in itself, both inside and out. We could say the Lord's Prayer to plead or to require, talk to an outside Power or an inside Presence. We could sing “Amazing Grace” to condemn or to uplift. Mindful speech, felt speech, is the answer.

The Word of “expansion” created the Universe ... the quarks, gravity, the light, the atom.
The Word of “expression to be seen and present” created the planets and stars.
The Word of “experiencing life in a new way” created sentient beings...cells, animals, humans, flora and fauna.
God is intelligent Mind and Spirit, and there is a direct response from this Universal Intelligence to our intelligence. If we ask for bread, we shall not receive a stone. Be we are told we must ask believing, if we are to receive. …. Prayer is a mental, as well as a spiritual, function of intelligence. It is a certain manner of approach to the Spirit, a conscious act of the mind, a concrete experience of the knowing faculty. Prayer should be direct and specific, and should always be accompanied by a positive receptivity. God cannot answer prayers which have no meaning.   ~Ernest Holmes
Nor can your intellect answer without the desire to be answered. As creative agents we must put meaning and belief into our words, thoughts and prayers. It is the meaning, the conviction, the intentional mindfulness that is the root, the nexus, the fuel from which our words come to life.

All words are important. All words are thoughts. All thoughts are prayers. And all prayers steeped in the feeling, faith and gratitude of manifesting now, make it so. A song that is popular with the Unity teaching, words and Music by Lucille Olson, explains it this way:
Our thoughts are prayers, and we are always praying.Our thoughts are prayers; listen to what you're saying.Seek a higher consciousness, a state of peacefulness,And know that God is always there,And every thought becomes a prayer.
Our thoughts are prayers that Spirit resonates with.Our thoughts are prayers, the tools that we create with.Seek a higher consciousness, a state of mindfulness,And know that God is always there,And every thought becomes a prayer.
When we pray or whatever you want to call that conversation with your highest self or optimized self or the activities in the temporo-parietal junction, we converse with the energies of the mind. Be it a conversation of questioning, pondering, arguing and eventually concurring with the idea of what we want to create, to reach a goal, action step, decision, answer, statement, new question, hypothesis, parking space or healing any dis-ease in body, situation or mind, we do so with the power and presence of our word, the language we speak to ourselves.

Call to Action
Slow down, breathe, step out of reactivity. 

Whether that reactivity shows up as shutting down or slapping back, stop yourself before it takes over. It is usually not pretty, the reactive reaction. Speak from a connection with your best self. That's when and where we speak a word of love, wisdom and power into being. Using your divine voice is crucial whether for the parking space or the healing of a nation, for yourself or the common cause.

How do you know your words are the language of inspiration, prosperity, peace, advancement and victory? Are they moving you toward your good? Are they positive, speak of your worthiness and enough-ness, tell the tale of you being the best you can be and stepping into more? Are they words that have deep meaning for you? Do they propel you to the state of mind of success and action? Are they bold and brave, inspiring you to step out of your comfort zone and into the mindset of success? If the answer is yes, you are on it, my friend. Keep at it.

This also works in the common cause, as well as the personal one. We are here to stand and deliver, shout out how unity is our birthright - unity in love of life and unity in a life of peace and prosperity for all. We can use our word, talent, time and treasure to participate in our our singular life or that of democracy. And democracy is participating in the life of these United States and beyond.

Your life is the life of a spiritual being in a spiritual universe rockin' out the spiritual laws with peace, joy, love, light, wisdom, beauty, prosperity and health. This Word...your the word of the Divine in you.

Use it with imaginative, bold, brave and loving intention!

Use it to focus on what you want!

Do not focus on want you don't want or wish to remove, it's strength is diminishing to your purpose.

Focus on what you want with words that influence you!

Who's talkin'? You're talking...the powerful, sassy, succulent, inspired, loving, beautiful wise child of the Infinite Universe. You're talking!

Talk peace into action
...LOVE into action
...EQUALITY into action
...JUSTICE into action
...and HAPPINESS into action for all.

Use your word(s) wisely to soar into the greatest adventure you and the planet can ever have!

I speak life into being with an intention of love, oneness and peace.
I speak life into being with an intention of health, calm and wisdom.
And I speak life into being with an intention of prosperity, opulence and joy.
I speak my Word today with bold and powerful gratitude, knowing the Power and Light within me brings it all into my good life.
I speak this Word today and experience it for myself and the world...right now!

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