Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Perfect Whole and Complete

June was Effective Communications Month in the business and human resources world. When I read that it made me wonder if we are effectively communicating who and what we are to ourselves, the world, and the Law; and are we doing that daily?

The New Thought Movement tends, in the last few years, to not use the phrase, "perfect whole and complete," as much anymore. It had become, shall we say, overused, and lost some of its mojo, though it Truth wasn't in question. I know Louise Hay used the phrase a lot in her books and lectures, so maybe that how it seemed to lose its power from it being more of an 80's terminology. So too, as we entered the idea and teaching of practical spirituality, which can, at times, lose the heart of the spiritual experience as we work on Self Help and Personal Development. The perspective of who we are, where we come from, why we are lost.

"Perfect, whole and complete," who might ask? "How can you even think that I am perfect? I'm socially inept. Whole? My knee hurts like a mofo and my hips, don't even ask. And complete? My job sucks, I don't have a loving relationship; I am having a good hair day but, come-on, perfect, whole and complete?"

As we put the pieces of our life experience puzzle together or, at times, back together, what are we communicating to ourselves? What is our perspective, our self-talk?

One of my mentors was Dr. David Walker. He wrote a book titled, You Are Enough (Always Have Been … Always Will Be). I was looking at it last week and noticed a note I had written in the margins about that section being about beginner's mind:
The thing in us that can make our life look the way we want, is more important than the changes we are able to make. If we don't make what we are more important than what we do, we will live a lifetime of self-inflicted pressure to perform.

ater, Dr. Walker reminds us that we are not our bodies, jobs, car, reviews, social media profiles, accomplishments, experience or education. It reminded me of that saying:
We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.
I believe it is time to re-discover the sacred in us. As Walker said in his book, it is something that "can't be taken away, only be made more aware of."

In order to shift consciousness, we must shift perception. Perception is the underbelly of all feelings. Perception is the foundation of all thoughts. Perception is the undercoating of all beliefs. Perception will serve you more than a degree, a snazzy car, an attractive mate, a big house, awards or social status. It is the engine that moves you up the hill, when you face one. It is the spring that lifts you over a wall, when you bump into one. It's the stroke that navigates you through the rapids, when you are whirling in them. The words, “perfect, whole and complete” may not seem powerful to you, but the concept/idea very much is!

It is often asked what are you willing to die for. What I want to know is what are you willing to live for? Life means what you say it means. Marianne Williamson is oft-quoted to have said:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

And we are powerful beyond measure. There are stories after stories of people who changed their perspective on life, changed their thinking, feelings and beliefs and prospered. These people busted through, soared and zoomed into success.

You see, the perfect, whole and completeness of you can never be taken away. Are you dead are still perfect, whole and complete. Are you alone...still, perfect, whole and complete
Are you physically sick or have an addiction...yep, still perfect, whole and complete. Those are experiences, some not too fun, but they don't change who you are.

Change your name....still you. Born to unmarried parents...still you. Missing a limb....still you. Perfect, whole and complete is not a is the Truth. The degree of which you belief that, is how well it works in your life. This perspective doesn't remove mistakes, it removes the power those mistakes have over you. This perspective doesn't stop negative experiences, but it makes transitions easier, putting the best people and situations in play and in line to assist you.

I realize that shame, blame and guilt can be great motivators. But remember, it is a pathway that is fraught with greater pain and will slow down and taint the result.

We want to be cognizant of what ideas we are communicating to the Universe. Communication is the lifeblood of any organization and that includes the organization of YOU. Communication influences culture and bottom-line results of a company and the company of YOU.

An article by Kristin Wells on, a deskless workforce team collaboration/communication company, lists five reasons why we should get fired up about improving business communication. This applies to our communication with the Universe, as well.

1. Strengthens Relationships

Effective communication between employees is essential for building and maintaining strong relationships and drive better performance.

The National Transportation Safety Board found that 73% of incidents occurred on a crew’s first day of flying together before they had the chance to get acquainted and learn how best to work together.

A NASA study found that fatigued crews who had a history of working together made about half as many errors as crews that were made up of rested pilots who had not flown together before.

So too, with our spiritual practice. The more we work it, the better we work it. The more we do it, the more it is done with clarity, specificity, imagination and heart. Our communication with the Divine in us is revealed stronger and more often when we intentionally connect.

2. Boosts Employee Engagement
When companies or you set out to improve employee or your engagement numbers, the biggest impact they can make is by evaluating their communication strategy.

Let me ask you:
a) Do you give clear instructions on what is expected of the employee or the Law?
b) Do you get quiet and listen for the constructive feedback from management or the Divine?
c) Are you clear and aligned on the company's or your goals and vision?
d) Do you know how you contribute to company success and do you take a moment to be grateful for every step in your progress, no matter the size?

Could you give a ‘yes’ to all of them? If not, it’s time to take a closer look at how often and how effectively you communicate with the Universe, both with intentional and unintentional messages.

3. Builds Trust
Trust is a foundational building block of relationships, within and without. Without effective communication skills, it can be quite difficult to build trust in your word, your power and your connection to the Divine.

But let me be clear, Spirit does not have a trust problem, it is you who might have a trust problem. The Source and Substance of our Supply always understands us as perfect, whole and complete and presumes that our communication with It is clear, concise, transparent and on the mark. We may not trust ourselves without daily spiritual practice. Continual development of communication skills and, in our case, spiritual practice, is the key. When you up your game in spiritual practice, you learn to trust and be more confident and expert at your prayer work and meditation work. Your leadership skills show up in the power and clarity of your word. And you'll find you're more invested in the company called YOU succeeding and prospering

4. Facilitates Innovation
Feeling comfortable, openly sharing ideas, working through options and challenging yourself, just like you would at work with co-workers, is essential with innovating your self-talk and spiritual practice. If you don't like what your saying in prayer or in self-talk....STOP and start over....”negate, negate, negate.” The Universe doesn't care if you start over.

5. Drives Productivity
Research by Watson Wyatt Management Consulting found these two interesting statistics:

a) Companies who communicate effectively had a 47% higher return to shareholders over five-year period. What would you do with 47% more wealth, time, love, vitality, creativity?
b) Leaders can inspire employees to do great work through communication that validates all the effort employees put in and so can you for you, with the use of gratitude. Gratitude is a knowing that you have received. The more you accept and expect that result, the easier, smoother and quicker it shows up. This also has to do about being grateful and attentive to the steps, no matter the size, of reaching your goals and desires.

Understand that you are perfect because you come from a perfect Source.

Understand you are whole because you come from holiest Source.

Understand you are complete because the Universe is never half-ass.

Now, this is not an invitation to put on rose-colored glasses or blinders. This perception of perfect, whole and complete is the foundation of your strength to move forward at anytime, in any situation, for anything or idea in your life.

You are enough right now!

Your are enough to learn more and create more!

You are enough to be more healthy, love more and prosper more!

The Science of Mind tells us:
Man, by thinking, can bring into his experience whatsoever he desires - if he thinks correctly, and becomes a living embodiment of his desires.
Of course, this means all person-kind. Start with communicating to yourself and the Universe that you are perfect, whole and complete right now. Know that you are the perfect, whole and complete you with the power and choice to be the best you right now, no matter the circumstances!

I rediscover that the heroine/hero of my story is me, choosing Love and Light, Wisdom and Beauty to ring clear and loud, as I sing joyous praise of the Divine in Me... Hallelujah!

I rediscover the Power in my prayer, self-talk, and acts of revealing and declaring, bringing only those thoughts which equal my greatest good.

I rediscover the fiery passions of my creativity, knowing they are revealed with amazing grace.

And I rediscover my conscious connection to the loving Spirit in me. Always present and always saying 'yes."

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