Monday, August 19, 2019

Who's Healing Who?

Do you believe your thoughts and feelings influence your experiences?

How many of you have a clear vision of yourself?

We go to the doctor....prescribed pills, etc. for healing. We go to a therapist or life coach - talk out our feelings and then given tools and practices to put into our daily lives for healing. We go to a financial adviser, get ideas or suggestions for investments and habits to heal our money life. We take classes to gain insight and knowledge...healing. But who is healing who?

All pills, procedures, advice, tools and education are hindered without consistent and intentional mental work. Studies have shown that you are using your 60k to 70k thoughts everyday to create your reality. And 90% of them lead you to the same choices and behaviors .... which lead you to the same experiences. They are reflections of your thoughts and feelings, which lead you to more of same and the circle continues. In a way, this sequence of thought events becomes your personality and your personality creates your personal reality. It creates the energy of you that the Universe uses as information to manifest the experiences of you.
Everything is energy; that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want & you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.   ~Albert Einstein

There's a neuroscience principle that tells us that nerve cells that fire together, wire together. So, thinking the same thoughts, with the same feelings about those thoughts, produces same neurons sparking in brain and flooding your belief system with those same thoughts and feelings. They create a hard-wiring into a signature, an energy, a code that the Universe reads and converts into the experiences you are having. As you fire and wire those circuits the same way every day, they create a consciousness that pervades your thoughts, attitudes, emotions and perspectives. And once they get into your subconscious, they become habits of thinking...habits of belief; they become memorized and unconscious, working like a computer program day in and day out.

It is a chemical reaction in your brain that conditions the body to react in certain ways to continue this circle. The body doesn't know the difference between an actual experience and the chemicals created from the feelings you have about that or similar experiences, so then this idea/belief shows up in your relationships, at work, in your pocketbook and in your body temple. Your feelings about something becomes a mood, which becomes a temperament and these temperaments becomes a personality trait. The synapses are firing and the circuits are opening, so that this personality trait becomes a belief, and a belief flavors, colors and your experiences.

When you think of your first kiss, what feelings rush in?

When you think of a vacation or when you got your diploma, 
do you get flushed with feeling?

When you get the mortgage bill, do you get a rush with a feeling?

Positive, negative, good, bad or indifferent (no indifferent feelings), these feelings drive specific thoughts and these specific thoughts, consistently fire the synapses in your brain, become beliefs and those beliefs inform the Universe what to manifest into your life experiences.

The goods news is neuroplasticity. That is the brain's ability to form and reorganize synaptic connections. There was a time when it was thought the brain became somewhat static, but later scientists realized the brain electro-chemical reactions could be modified, enhanced, evolved, and reorganized. Reorganizing synaptic connections is accomplished by getting in there, rebooting and re-treating those attitudes, perspectives, thoughts, ideas, feelings and beliefs through learning and spiritual practice. Every time you learn, hear these principles, treat, etc., you double the connections in your brain. Yes, double. A gentlemen won a Nobel Prize for a discovery similar to that statement. By flushing out old destructive ideas, habits, energy and frequencies with the constructive ones, you clean, clear and heal the destructive ones. It's like when you have a dirty glass of water. If you continually fill it with clean water, eventually you will have a clean glass of water, overwhelming and cleaning the dirty water in the glass.

Now, you instinctively know this stuff. That is why you are here, why you do the affirmations I or others learn, step up, re-treat your mind, bust through, soar and zoom. But without the clear vision, even if not realized yet, of your life, you will stay hard-wired in the consciousness of where you are now thinking/feeling/experiencing that you don't like or does not serve you anymore.

Can you believe in a future that is not fully able to be experienced
 by your senses?

Can you have a vision of your life even when no evidence is in 
the factual world?

I have a vision of 1000 people every week, communing, gathering, fellow-shipping, loving their New Thought Spiritual Center family, community and organization. This vision must be more powerful and more consistent than what I see on Sunday's right now. And not just in my mind, but in my body; it must be a holistic, whole body experience.

Epigentics tells us that the chemical tags on DNA, called telemeres, have the ability to turn genes on or off. These chemical tags can be influenced by environment, metabolism, lifestyle choices, diet, and stress; all chemical reactions in the body. So too, research is thinking, from the chemical effects from your thoughts and feelings through the mind-body connection.

Opening your heart with spiritual practice, getting back to the factory settings (see Factory Settings blog), slows down, stops and even reverses the damage, the trauma, the PTSD of any situation being held in your emotions/feelings. Dr. Joe Dispenza and Mind Heart Institute studies concluded that when we exchange hopes, wishes, resentment, frustration and fear for gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness, we stop emitting the survival emotional stress hormone that exacerbates the condition, cortisol, and the telomeres in your DNA lengthen, the immunoglobulin increases, genes in your immune system switch on, neurogenesis kicks in, anti-aging and anti-inflammation genes switch on, and this can all begin to happen, some studies say, within four days. Four days and you begin to have healings!

Is it a panacea for all healing? It can be. It is however not an excuse for avoiding medication, education, nutrition, physical therapy, physical fitness, eating nourishing foods, etc. It is an enhancement, assurance, and supplement to whatever is being used or done. When you think new thoughts about the “what if's” of your relationships, career, health, finances, etc.; you turn on the frontal lobe of your brain, firing new connections, selecting different networks of neurons; putting them together, which then fires new sequences, patterns and combinations and synapses.

The healing begins and ends with you. You may have assistance from a professional or expert, a pill, therapy, procedure, practitioner or prayer partner, but it begins and ends with you. When you release the idea that you are a victim and believe you are the have a healing. You are the creator, the cause of the effect and when you live that, you have a healing. The more you communicate your vision to your mind... you have a healing.

So....who's healing who? You are healing you! Bust through the thoughts and feelings that you 'aren't this' or 'have to do that' to be well, then watch your life soar and zoom with ease, grace, abundance, prosperity, creativity, and love.

My body is the temple of the Spirit in me. I fill it with nourishing food, nourishing thoughts, and feelings that uplift the heart.

Within me is not just parts. Within me is the great power of the I Am. I Am vibrant in energy and exquisite of sense, I Am clear in breath and nimble of foot....I Am boldly Lit with the power and radiance of the Sun. I sing the body electric...of wonderful vigor and beauty of person, tempered in mood, but fierce in my passion and bliss.

I Am a poem, revealing the Divine in me.

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