Monday, April 6, 2020

Suiting Up For Success

What are you wearing?
...not talking about your clothes
...inside, what are you wearing?

During our stay-at-home time I have started a Facebook Live series called, The New Thought Guy Reads. Every weekday at 5pm, I read a couple of chapters out of an inspirational book. The first one is THIS THING CALLED YOU by Ernest Holmes. One of the things he wrote early in the book is:
You, like all others, are seeking the joy of living...everything in nature is endowed with this creative urge.
He laters also mentions that no one is special, and there is no secret going on here, just a lack of knowledge. We are all a part of It and have the power of It. "It" being the Divine Force or Spirit or Intelligence, whatever you like to call that Universal Power. That power we have is internal....and eternal. As Robert Browning said:
Man can desecrate, but never lose the divine spark.
Remember, we don't teach what to think, but how to think. And you use this how to think methodology to get to the what you want to think. I am not asking you to change Reality, merely your reaction to it. I want us, especially in the special times of anxiety, stress, etc. that seems to be prevalent these days, to tune in to the Truth, not just the facts. To tune into what Emma Curtis Hopkins called “a doctrine of NOW and HERE.”

There was a Rabbi on Twitter who was experiencing an overwhelm from tending to the emotional toll this event was putting in her lap as a spiritual leader. It was taking a toll on her. I wrote:  "I'm having a tough time with the tough time I'm having about the tough time we're all having during this tough time." And then I reminded her to, "Stay in forgiveness, being blessed by the Divine energy you require when you require it....or try chocolate."

There's a lot of talking about being anxious. I haven't been feeling it much. A few days ago I realized I was feeling anxious about not knowing about feeling anxious in order to counsel those who are feeling anxious about this anxiety-infused time. Anxious that I didn't understand feeling anxious as I wasn't feeling anxious. Then it showed up, that anxiety; this happened to me on Saturday as I was preparing the Sunday Celebration talk. So, I did allow myself to feel this anxiety. I realized that instead of just postponing the work I didn't feel like doing to the afternoon, I was anxious that I didn't want to do anything and wouldn't get it done if I didn't start now, in the morning. Yeah, eventually I got to the "just take the morning off;" but before I could get there, that simple solution hidden from me with this anxiety and self-doubt, I had to dig in to my spiritual center myself, so I could make wise decisions without the weight of the anxiety, etc., that was going on. What did I do? First...

There is almost nothing more freeing and centering than to concentrate on your breathing. Slowing inhaling through the nose, then holding the breath for a count of three, then exhaling out the mouth with a resounding release. Repeating that several times, focused on my breath, calmed me allowing the noise of that negative self-talk dissipate and, eventually, disappear. Other ideas are to dig into your...


Visualize like you did as a kid. Go a-wondering.


Take a walk, sit in the backyard or some version of one. Happy Spring, by the way. 


Use the affirmations or affirm-prayer-ations. Exchange those destructive thoughts with constructive thoughts. Not to magically make the anxiety go away, but to awaken the intuition in communing with Spirit, Divine Wisdom and Divine Healing. It opens your heart to peace and calm allowing a reflection of peace, calm and love into your life. All minds are "an outlet through which the Creative Intelligence of the universe seeks" to express and fulfill Itself....suit its Self up.

The choice is ours what to wear! Our barriers to calm and peace are not made by the President, the news or scientists, not even the virus itself, it is our thoughts and beliefs. We live by a law of faith and the process of not freaking out is "not so much a problem of will as it is one of willingness." As we "learn to exchange fears, doubts and uncertainties for faith," these "thoughts, often repeated, form patterns in mind which automatically reproduce themselves." Thought has a cumulative power! It brings a serenity that doesn't ignore what's going on, but allows you to to change your reaction to it. And expectancy will speed your progress.

Suiting up for success during this special occasion called the Novel Corona Virus Pandemic is about constant hand washing, social distancing, stay-at-home restrictions and for some, physical healing; but for all, it is about suiting up with successful thoughts. Not by struggling to remove fearful, anxious patterns of thoughts, but by straining them out. Or drowning them out. I've written about the clean water in dirty water glass bit. Keep pouring clean water into a glass of dirty water and soon you will have a glass of clean water. Same with your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. This is not religious, it's scientific. Take hold of the negative thoughts often repeated and exchange them for new optimized, affirming ones.

Pour fresh, clean thoughts of clarity, imagination, health, fun, patience, flexibility into the dirty water of fear, misinformation, worry, doubt, anxiety. It is a garden to cultivate...

Start watering now!

Today I put on my Sunday best, my wedding dress, my Brunello Cucinelli Tux.
I do this not so much in body, but in Mind.
I make a conscious use of the Divine Law with certainty.
I identify myself with the calm and peace I desire, filling my life with an inner sense of quiet contentment.
I declare my well-being is enthusiastically vibrating throughout my day.
Right where I am, in the middle of it all, I bust through, soar and zoom; expecting good, anticipating joy, and relishing the adventure of the times.

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