Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Who's Got The Coolest Looking Egg?

What is Easter About?  Ascension, Atonement, resurrection, rebirth, suffering, eggs, death, transmutation, transformation, transition, betrayal, blessing, bunnies, release, revelation, contemplation, crucifixion, chocolate, sacrifice, immortality and probably more
                        ...that's 20 ideas to explore.  #1...

Resurrection is a much talked about subject during this time. After much deliberation this week, I wonder if there is even something we need to resurrect? That implies something was dead. If some good has disappeared from your consciousness, it is not dead, it is misplaced or ignored. And can be found by *looking sharp* at the Truth and then living it.

Yeshua delivered a powerful blessed message, the culmination of his ministry, which basically tells us that each person has an immortal Divine power working within them, a Kingdom of Heaven, you might say. And yet, 2000+ years later, through much suffering, have we got it yet? Are we, like the Hebrews with Moses and the Jews of Jesus' time, not listening to this basic Truth. Are we hearing, yet not embodying? The Great Example (Jesus/Yeshua) had to make a great and dramatic sacrificial example (the Crucifixion) and still many didn't get the crux of his ministry.

It has been said that “You can't have a resurrection without a crucifixion..nor a betrayal.” I get the sentiment and metaphor, especially today. It's about forgiveness of our self-betrayal (Judas), our bad choices of ideas and people we allowed in or offered to stay with us over too long a period of time. It's about transmuting to a new level of consciousness, yes, I get that, but crucifixion?  Crucifixion was a punishment, usually done naked, intended to provide a death that was particularly slow, painful, gruesome, humiliating, and public. The word, excruciating means "out of crucifying." Again, I know it's a metaphor, however, do we really want to go through that? even metaphorically? the ...no pain, no gain attitude? Not necessary, I say!

I understand sometimes a transformation can be painful, especially as we sometimes must step into the dark to get to the light, but do we want to invite this idea of an excruciating release? Maybe that's why the bunnies and chocolate are present in this holiday, to sweeten up the process.
The symbolic language of the crucifixion is the death of the old paradigm; resurrection is a leap into a whole new way of thinking.   ~Deepak Chopra
And yes, per Bible, the apostles didn't get It till following the June. 49 days days after Easter, 50 days after Passover, at the start of  Shavuot, the celebration of the beginning of the wheat harvest and the  end of the barley harvest, and commemorating the deliverance of the Torah from Mt. Sinai. It is the Pentacost, when the descent of ruach ha kodesh (the spirit of the holiness) upon apostles occured.

Okay maybe they had to meditate on things a bit, both were big events. For the Israelites during the Passover story, there was freedom from slavery, crossing the Red Sea, the deliverance of the 10 Commandments and forty years of "wandering," that might have distracted them. In the Easter story, even after three years of his ministry, the trial and crucifixion, Mary Magdalene and the rock, the resurrection, Yeshua and Doubting Thomas at the meeting...a lot of drama to distract from the Divine within. But do we have to wait till June to get it, apply it, and be it?  No! There is no line and no waiting!

And I don't want to kill or crucify my limiting beliefs in order to resurrect the Divine Me. I want to replace them. There is nothing to resurrect, only reveal what is already there, alive in me. Maybe I am playing hide-n-seek with it. This is about revelation and unfoldment:
In the unfoldment of the spiritual mind there are periods when the ideas that we have meditated on, and accepted as true, spring forth into consciousness, becoming living realities in our life instead of mere mental concepts. In this awakening we get the fruits of the ideas that we have planted in our mind; we have escaped from darkness (Egypt) and have entered into light (Promised Land). ~Charles Fillmore
Does something have to die before we can live? Replaced, yes, but not necessarily die. I believe it is  an act of busting through like the when a plant breaks through the seed, a chick breaks through the egg, and a butterfly breaks through the cocoon. It's a transmutation...breaking out of one’s shell, comfort zone, old ways of being/believing, and then emerging into the New Thought.

Now, I get that there may be a transition period,  thought most want to move quickly through and ascend into that new way of thinking. But it is in the transition, the liminal space, the at-one-ment time, or the contemplative neutral zone where our soul and consciousness readies itself for our next expression. Shortchanging this process can lead to repeating old patterns and mistakes. But we don't have to wait for Passover to get free in the City of Peace, the power of your I Am will redeem and uplift your consciousness through the power of the Christ Spirit in you. It will overwhelm and replace ideas impoverished by thoughts of weakness, barrenness, and lack for that which is prosperous, creative, full of Light, vitality, and love. Sometimes you may have to get in the mud, get dirty to get through this transition period...go ahead. Remember:
No Mud, no Lotus    ~Thich Nhat Hanh
Again, there is no need to kill or crucify. Transform yourself through the reveal of the Divine in you by busting through the shell, the seed, or the cocoon. I don't want you to change, that's an external event. I want you to transition and transform...internally. And, if you must resurrect, do so in the revelation of your Divine nature from the memory of It being already there within.
The moment you stand up and claim your divinity,
Christ is reborn within your heart, Buddha rejoices,
Mohammed dances upon the mountaintop,
Lao Tzu winks approvingly
And the Promise of the Tree of Life is Fulfilled.
And I know that the hand of God is the promise of my own,
And I know that the spirit of God is the brother of my own
And that all the men ever born are also my brothers,
And the women my sisters…
     ~ Walt Whitman
Say aloud:

I Reveal respect and love, not fear.

I Reveal a graceful and centered calm, not chaos.

I Reveal health and vitality, not hurt.

I speak the language of the I AM

I transform my consciousness to my highest expression.

I Am a vibrant Light.

I Am a Life of Joy and Beauty.

I Am a Loving presence.

And I Am a Wise creation; prosperous in all ways.

I Am now resurrected in mind, heart, and soul.

I Am energized, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and ready to rock and roll.

Who's Got the coolest looking egg?  You....you....and you!

Start Cracking!

I Reveal the Divinity in Me.
I Reveal respect and love, not fear. I Reveal a graceful and centered calm, not chaos. I Reveal health and vitality, not hurt. I speak the language of the I AM and transform my attitude, my perception, my belief, and my consciousness to the idea that I Am openly experiencing the highest expression of my greatness. I Am a vibrant Light. I Am a Life of Joy and Beauty. I Am a Loving presence. And I Am a Wise creation; prosperous in all ways. I Am resurrected in mind, heart, imagination and intuition; assured in everything I do.
I Am energized, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and ready to rock and roll.

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