Sunday, July 5, 2020

Let's Get It Started

In June we talked about getting clear and present certainty in our thinking and thus our consciousness and life. 

We learned what a maverick is and how to have maverick intentions. To be bold, brave, independent, and inclusive; knowing the abundance of the Universe is at hand. To be open at the top and out of the box in your imagery of the demonstration

We reminded ourselves that our power comes from knowing who's talking, and that's the divine creative power within...It effects everything we experience.
We filled our tank with the fuel of imagination, knowing that:
  • Being in quarantine does not stop our minds from working.
  • Being out of work does not stop our wisdom from working.
  • Being stuck indoors does not stop our connection with the Divine. 
  • Envisioning equals experiencing.
Now its time to take Mindful Action
When you truly have an insight or spiritual awakening, the next step is always action. ~Michael Bernard Beckwith
We are always in a state of action: breathing, processing, sleeping, eating, thinking. Yet we're not always doing it on purpose with purpose. What could our lives look like if we aligned with our intentions? We plant seeds with spiritual practice and now we must tend to them. We must water and nourish them like a garden. We must be in a state of mind and body with them, tell the story of them and strategize about them.

It's time for a breakthrough. It's time for that moment in time when the impossible becomes possible. It is usually triggered by inspiration or the power of decision, when you are shifted into action mentally, spiritually and physically.
Success or failure cannot be explained by anything other that the use and misuse of mental processes. The subconscious mind produces what we place in it. It is a creative process. It is a law of action. ~Raymond Charles Barker
Here are three keys to a breakthrough. They are listed from least important to most important, inspired by the work of Tony Robbins:

3) Strategy – the plan. We may make plans of action, do our part – what we can control, that is. The ins and outs of how are the Universe's purview.

2) Story – the vision, the beliefs. This is the what and why of our idea - what are we telling ourselves about why we are desiring this. When you change your story, you change your life.

1) State – feelings and emotions your in your life. This is about your perceptions and attitudes about the idea you want to manifest. If you are a billionaire, but pissed off and frustrated, you probably have lots of toys and comfort, but everything is tainted by your state of mind and state of being. Money can't buy you love or true happiness, though there's nothing wrong in being rich. Be rich, however remember to have a spiritual connection in your life; you may not be happy all the time but you can know joy all the time. State is also about the physiology of body - the stance you take, the sounds you surround yourself with, and the exercise you strengthen yourself with.

When you focus on what you want, focus meaning the feelings you have for something, that's action. When you visualize and envision your ideas, experience them in all your senses, no matter how ridiculous the smell of your bills being paid may seem, your taking action. State inspires story - the why do we want it, the purpose. Language, what are you saying to yourself everyday and all the time is also key. All this is taking action and will clear your mind to inspire you to do what needs to be done physically to manifest your idea.
Work without vision is drudgery, but vision without work is self-deception. The well-balanced person can walk with his head in the clouds and still keep his feet solidly planted on the ground. Faith and work are ineffective when separated. ~Ernest Holmes, Journey Into Life
Meditating is good, praying is good, a vision board is fun, however now it's time for getting up off our meditative prayerful faithful asses and take action. Jesus, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Dr. King didn’t just pray, they took action both on and in their faith. And too, while simultaneously being afraid and having the courage to walk the talk. A courage with clear and present certainty to be mavericks and get the party started.
The proof that one believes is in action.  ~Bayard Rustin, organizer and strategist for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Mavericks take their minutes of prayer and meditation, the time to disconnect from the facts into the Truth, breaking the bind of the 3D world to step into the 5D Universe by imagining their next now with feeling and experiencing it in mind and thus body. Remember, your body doesn't know the difference between experience and thought. You can change your biology, chemistry, hormones and genes by having an inner event.

In The Black Eyed Peas song, "Let's Get It Started," it says:
Obstacles are inefficient, follow your intuition... free your inner soul and break away from tradition...Get stupid
Be a maverick by going back to square one, kindergarten - who the heck you are! Later, they tell us.
Burn it till it's burned out, Turn it till it's turned out, Act up from north, west, east, south
Repetition is the mother of skills...
  • So say it till you spray it.
  • See it till you be it. 
  • And act it till you crack it, fact it and unpack it.

Movement is key, in mind, body and language. Use the wonder woman stance in your physiology, “shut-up” the b.s. in your mind and talk yourself blue with the focused language of manifesting your dream now. The Universe expands all the time and we expand with it to continue happiness, in service to the Highest Good.

Conclusion and Call to Action: 
Through faith tie your mind back to the Mind of God, and in action live as though you were guided by a supreme Intelligence. ~E. H., Philosophy of Jesus
The Mindful Maverick prays to set their intention, meditates for Divine discernment, and then takes action. Repeating this cycle again and again till you get it and it shows up. Affirmations are great, but we need to use them not just as affirming statements, but as incantations with magical and scientific effect.
More of the song:
Lose control of body and soul
Don't move too fast, people, just take it slow
Don't get ahead, just jump into it

Let's jump into it by...
  • Create a compelling future with language, physiology and focus.
  • Stay true-hearted and authentic.
  • Believe in who you are, your vision and your power.
  • Challenge the status quo in mind, body and spirit with strong imaginative convictions.
  • Be courageous, even when afraid
  • Use [EQ] emotional quotient over [IQ] intelligent quotient
  • Use your Superpowers: intuition, talents, spiritual tools, imagination, and identity to compel your future every day...then walk the talk!
Your always creative

Let's get it started and thrive!

Every action I take emerges from knowing that it serves my Highest Good. I take pride in the I am that I am. 
I free myself to be happy. I free myself to be healthy. I free myself to be surrounded by love and peace. 
It is with clear and present certainty, I speak my word with maverick intention; solid in my beliefs, vision, purpose, and intention. I feel successful, smell successful, sound successful and have full  faith in my Power to create and manifest my best life.

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