Tuesday, September 1, 2020

A Matrix of Divinity

Sometimes it can seem like nothing matters

To how you feel and the way that things are.

Uptight, anxious and a little scattered;

Dreams that once felt near, now seem so far               ~Steve Apperson

Dreams, wishes, hopes, fantasies, desires, revelations, declarations - we all have them. How do we materialize them? bring them into form – the 3D world? It's one of the big questions for us all. We have the spiritual tools, however, do we really believe in them?

Saturday was Tooth Fairy Day. Remember the tooth fairy?

Children cannot tell fantasy from reality until age 7 or 8. That is why they so easily believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.  ~Jean Piaget, child psychologist

And psychotherapist/parent coach Patti Ashley would add:

I would say keep the imagination going as long as it lasts!

However, Elaine Rose Glickman, author of “Your Kid’s a Brat and It’s All Your Fault: Nip the Attitude in the Bud - From Toddler to Tween,” thinks parents shouldn’t let their kids believe in the “Tooth Fairy:”

It sets your children up to look like a fool upon realizing they’ve been duped. They’ll feel gullible and stupid. Saying that these gifts are from some pretend creature takes away from your relationship. It teaches your kid not to trust you.

Your child could question if you’re also lying about, say, the importance of vegetables or the existence of God. And if you double down on the lie when she voices uncertainty, you’re also teaching her to doubt her own instincts about what is worthy of her belief and what should be questioned.

It begs the question:

Are Spiritual Mind Treatment, affirmative prayer 

and other practices just an adult Tooth Fairy?

Are we being duped by these ideas of “as if?”

Are these just lies we are telling ourselves while we wait 

for fate to take its hand or the law of averages 

to do its dirty work?

Well, the answer is no. When we embody ourselves in thoughts of pure logic and fact, we separate ourselves from that which prepares the mind and body to receive the good. Our perception and attitudes about life affect our body, mind, spirit, and what shows up in our experiences. Sounds like a very subtle thing, but what's in the subtlety is very powerful and its the lack of appreciating this subtlety that is the foundation of most of our troubles.

Without spiritual practice, whether it's with daily affirmative incantation work, prayer, visioning, gratitude, radical forgiveness, or just being with an open heart in meditation, we are consciously and soon unconsciously separating ourselves and tuning out from our good by tuning out of the Light, the Presence...God (or whatever you want to call It).

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. ~Albert Einstein

Sometimes this frequency needs to build itself up to be equal to that reality you want:

Wire rope begins with a single steel wire that's anywhere from .6 to 8 millimeters in diameter. Then several of these small wires are wound together into a strand. The number of wires per strand depends on the job the rope will perform and different applications require different degrees of flexibility and strength. Just as our inclusion of more and different wires strands yields stronger, more versatile/effective wire; so too our inclusion of more and different ideas, images, dreams, feelings, envisions and visioning work creates expanded, stronger, and more effective manifestations. 

Focusing on what we want to reveal in our lives, what we shall declare from the Universe, and how we open ourselves up to be aware and embody Its inspirations is part of the Divine Tapestry of creation. A tapestry is made by weaving the horizontal threads over and under the vertical threads, then squishing those horizontal threads down so they are very close together, thus completely hiding the vertical threads from view. The vertical threads are like the heart-centered work we do, the communion with Divine Intelligence...that which is rarely seen or, many times, even heard about.

Choose to love every facet of yourself unconditionally. You are a complex, multidimensional being and loving yourself requires identifying, accepting and loving all of our seemingly separate parts. This includes your personal self, broader self (other people), balance of the physical world (nature, activities, concepts…) and the collective Universe/God. ~Russell Anthony Gibbs, “The Principle of Oneness”

Spiritually speaking, we are all part of one big energetic organism - a tapestry if you will, expressing and experiencing itself, in the seen and the unseen; an intricate matrix of varying vibrations, the lower ones easier to see in form and the higher (most powerful) ones remaining mostly unseen. All energy is commingled like water in the ocean; impossible to determine where one drop begins or ends because there is no true separation of our individualized expressions of this singularity energy and the One Mind. Ralph Waldo Trine wrote in “In Tune with the Infinite:”

Anyone – a fool or an idiot – can be exclusive.  It comes easy.  It takes and it signifies a large nature to be universal, to be inclusive.  Only the man or the woman of a small, personal, self-centered, self-seeking nature is exclusive.  The man or the woman of a large, royal, unself-centered nature never is.  

Conclusion and Call to Action

Ask yourself...

Are you doing without being?

Excluding the spiritual for the logical?

You may accomplish a lot of things in the logical, but are you moving forward? are you fulfilled? I have found I am not....doing, doing and accomplishing, but not Being...not inclusive of Spirit...makes me feel un-whole, unaccomplished. Oh, I get things done and it is fun, from passionate and compassionate intent, goals are met and such, but something is always missing without at least dipping my toes mindfully into the Matrix of Divinity.

The Divine Matrix, your mind, heart and gut, and the energy centers of the body (chakras, if you like), which are circuit boards with their own hormones, frequencies, and brain-like functions are meant to work together as a team:

Idea (brain)

Feeling (heart)

Openness to Source (gut)

All are aligned along the energy centers of the body creating the frequency Einstein was talking about.

When we stay connected to them all, we Be, not just do; we easily weave the tapestry and wire the steel rope of our lives with a powerful energy that intentionally connects to where the Universe listens and takes Its instruction from, and that which speaks to us through inspiration and intuition from that Universal tapestry.

I began with a question:

Dreams, wishes, hopes, fantasies, desires, revelations, declarations - we all have them, but how do we materialize them? bring them into form – into the 3D world?

By opening our hearts to receiving and allowing, even inviting the Divine Intelligence in, as well as opening our mouths and mind to express our declarations to It, we set a powerful energy in motion.

Say it to claim it

Feel it to be it

And be open to receive it, to see it

Allow the Universe to inform you how to be more than a doer....and be the Be-er of life.

If I had an hour to solve a problem, I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions. …. We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. 

Be like Albert Einstein, spend less of your time doing, and add more of your time being. Open your Divine Feminine aspects and put your order in to have the Universe provide the who and what of your desires - it will let the doing count more!

Affirmative Incantation

I embrace the entire community of Creation, expressing Its Divinity on Earth. Stocked with a myriad of infinite opportunities, I give my full attention to the beauty and wisdom of life, gratefully standing with calm and ease no matter what faces me. 

I know I will be informed with the perfect explanations and clarifications. 

I know I will be inspired to express the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that lead me to the best results. And I know I am taking the best direction, moving down the best path, and operating through an optimized course of decision and action. 

The source and substance of my supply, whether in my money, knowledge, healing, or love, lies in the Power and Presence that I commune with right now with joyous consecration. I claim my clarity and understanding and nothing will divert me from this community of appreciation, devotion, and peace. 

With this Divine Wisdom flowing through my entire energized body temple, I live an opulent life....a luscious life....a life that is blessed.

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