Friday, September 11, 2020

Dedicate and Lubricate

To manifest stuff into our lives, we dedicate our thoughts and feelings about our desires into the Universe and then we lubricate the movement of these thoughts and feelings from desire to acquire, by using the energy of faith and belief. This energy is found in the holistic use of the Divine Matrix, the bio-electric mechanics and connection of the brain, heart, and gut.

Thoughts cause biochemical reactions in your brain that release chemical signals which make your body feel a certain way depending on your thoughts, and those feelings cause you to generate more thoughts that produce the same feelings and thus the same bodily reactions. 

      ~Dr. Joe Dispenza

And simultaneously makes the mental equivalent, which is the frequency the Universe reads to bring it into form. The energy centers of the body including the heart and gut come into play; stimulating the endocrine system (a collection of glands that produce hormones to regulate metabolism, sleep, mood, etc.).

This month talking about living a consecrated life. A life which prepares us to lock into the frequency Einstein and Tesla speak about to manifest, by:

1) Communing with nature and the Divine Presence

God is the Source of all that is and is all that is. Everything in the Universe is made of God-stuff, making each of us a unique, individualized expression of It. In this Oneness, this community, we each share our time, talent and treasure.

2) Taking heed to the constant call of the Divine urge

We do so by listening and watching for the subtle Universal cues and using the constructive versus destructive query to determine if it's from the ego, fear, or the higher self. Hint - we want to listen only to those which are constructive and coming from our higher self.

3) You dedicate your most sacred self to living the highest life

...the ultimate goal of life is complete emancipation from all discord of every nature.    ~Ernest Holmes

You can do so by:

                    a) nourishing yourself with healthful food, positive/loving/prosperous ideas, thoughts, and feelings

                    b) taking wise, bold, and optimized strategies of action

c) quieting the chattering mind with thankful attention, questioning push-back, and self-parenting

d) laughing and loving in general

e) clearing the corrosion of the mind & healing the ego-driven thoughts in the mind with meditation

f) activating the flow of Universal Abundance  through affirmative prayer or spiritual mind treatment

g) filling your consciousness with healthy and wise readings or being here 

h) practicing radical forgiveness to all, for all – especially yourself – in other words, “get over it Blanche”

i) getting your butt in nature, getting your toes in the sand, and your bare feet touching Mother Earth

Now you may come back to me with, “But what about all that's going on now or during other times of crisis, stress or trauma; something that turns my world upside down like a cyclone?” Good question!

As human beings, we have free will and can choose how we relate to what we experience, whether it be positive or negative. The same Principle that brings us freedom, prosperity, and joy also allows us to experience bondage, lack, or misery, according to our consciousness. ~Science of Mind

Free will, volition, choice in what we think and do. Makes you want to sing that great old hymn:

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me

Remember, this is not about claiming to be a wretched person, but a person with wretched thoughts around wretched conditions making wretched choices and actions.

Even on special occasions, like now, living the high life is essential. We are to never compromise the Divine Principle of life:  the Divine is within and the power of creation is shared by our perspective on life and beliefs in ourselves, no matter the circumstances. As the Tom Waits song says:

That diamond, based on a Buddhist principle, is described by Mila Diamond (she has a diamond in her mind and name):

We all have a seed of diamond mind ... a state of heightened clarity, alertness and complete congruity. When you are in that state, you find yourself in the right place at the right time, with the right people, noticing the right opportunities and finding genius solutions. The right path unfolds before you. You feel empowered. … Like a perfectly cut diamond, it is luminous and strong. 

As co-creators with the Universe, what we deeply believe and what we claim for ourselves and for the world has an impact. An impact on our minds, actions, thoughts, feelings and experiences.

It seems to me that it is only as we view all life, everything from what we call great to what we call small, important or unimportant—it is only as we view the whole thing as “one stupendous whole, whose body nature is with God the soul” that we shall really enter into communion, into sympathetic oneness and rapport, with the reality of all that is about us.                               ~Ernest Holmes 

Every time we face adversity or are enjoying the riches of life, remember your own worth and value. Steel your mind against the onslaught no matter how dire the circumstance and treasure this thing called life by always having a diamond in your mind.

Without inner change there can be no outer change. Without collective change, no change matters.  ~angel Kyodo williams, Zen Priest

Conclusion and Call to Action: 

To lubricate the way to revealing our Divinity, vibrating at the speed of the Divine and busting through to soar and zoom into the best time of our lives, no matter the condition; let us have a baptism of words and feelings and take vows of consecration. These promises, and the words and rituals that surround them, speak to a perfect aligning with the Universe. Those who are baptized may still have doubts and those who have taken Buddhist-like vows must still resist suffering. These are not usually "one and done" magic tricks or miracles that once acted on never need to be thought of again; they are meant to be returned to as a way of life. 

Anyone can ask and anyone can bless, whether anyone has authorized you to do it or not. All I am saying is that the world needs you to do this, because there is a real shortage of people willing to kneel wherever they are and recognize the holiness; holding its sometimes bony, often tender, always life-giving hand above their heads. That we are able to bless one another at all is evidence that we have been blessed, whether we can remember when or not. That we are willing to bless one another is miracle enough to stagger the very stars.  ~Barbara Brown Taylor, Episcopal priest, professor, author, theologian, and a 2014 TIME magazine 100 list of most influential people in the world

There is always a glimmer of light available. Fill up your spiritual bank with constant highest-self deposits. When you dedicate your thoughts and feelings to that which you desire and then lubricate the movement of these thoughts and feelings from desire to acquire, by using the energy of faith and belief; when you remember who you are, you always having a diamond in your mind. That makes your mind full of faith, with the highest hardness and thermal-powered manifesting conductivity of any material, with an unsurpassed cutting in of optimized beliefs and the polishing of those beliefs into a beacon of attraction.

You will find yourself living a consecrated, happy, joyous, prosperous, healthy, creative, and loving matter the circumstances!

Affirmative Incantation

I Am part of a community that celebrates diversity in the world, fosters the inclusion of everyone, champions the inner work and journey of anybody, and creates space for brave, vulnerable conversations. Honoring the unique emanation of Divinity that each person embodies, I advocate for human rights and dignity for all.

Understanding that Oneness is not about Sameness or Otherness, I know it is revealed when we love each other well, get into good trouble when we must together, and consecrate this Beloved Community at all times with peace, prosperity and ease. I remain an active learner and a listener so that we can all grow together. I bless all people in their holy journey to bust through, soar and zoom into their greatest life. 

Like all, I am a unique expression of Spirit:  consecrated, educated, dedicated, and oxygenated to create a life the way I want it right here and now!

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