Monday, September 6, 2021

BE, DO, Then HAVE Right Now

“I woke up this morning with my mind stayed on Spirit!”

When we keep our attention focused on our relationship with and as Divine Intelligence throughout the day, our perspectives and perceptions of life are filtered through the lens of Truth, Love, and Oneness, giving us the resilience and perseverance to meet whatever may come our way.

We are called to a higher state of consciousness that informs us of our best next steps in thought, feeling, and action. 

But we got to get ourselves in the flow of Spirit where we can give up striving, being fearful, and being attached to outcomes, especially success. If we start our day knowing the Source of All and connecting to this energy we can tap into at any time and is always available to work through us as Divine Perfection, and remind ourselves of this powerful, pervasive constructive, and loving Presence, we can begin working through the channels of that Good - that Good of good ideas and bring it into our everyday experiences. 

We can then look at any challenges or conditions, any circumstances, anything happening in the world - positive or negative- and know that nothing is more powerful than the Divine source within.

We are each powerful creators and when we consistently claim that power, only Good can come to and from us. That Good can come as something wonderful and positive or a lesson that leads us to the wonderful and positive. It's a mindset; it's not a religious thing, though it could be, it's not even necessarily a spiritual thing, though it really is whether you call it that or not. This is a mindset of being the person who achieves, not just doing the doings to achieve their goal. It's about authenticity and power, as well as talent and skill. In other words,  we are to first BE the one that can DO what it takes to reach the HAVE (the goal).

You gotta BE before you DO in order to HAVE what you want. So the first question we ask ourselves each day is:

Who do I need to be in order to accomplish this goal? What do I need to embody?

This establishes your state of being. That's why I wake up each morning with my mind on Spirit, the Power and Presence within me, the Divine urge that outflows wisdom through me, the direct authority I am right now -without adding a title, degree, etc.- to be the authentic me, sharing my time, talent, and treasure powerfully, boldly, meaningfully, and full-heartedly whether it is for a day of rest, work, or play.

We are in the Water of Infinite Life as the fish is in the ocean…The Spirit of Life is all around us. It flows through us. It permeates everything.  ~This Thing Called Life

So we start the day knowing:

I am Being the channel and expression of the best me; here to deliver my gifts, my talents, and my skills with confidence and inner authority, withholding nothing.

Now, I answer the question, "What do I need to do in order to accomplish this goal that I have today?" 

Well, since I am the channel of the Divine Flow:

  • I can dial up the talents required
  • I can dial up the allies required
  • I can make sure I and/or my team takes the path of least resistance mentally and physically
  • I can strategically choose the best course whether that's further education, getting coaching, joining an accountability group, even stepping back and regrouping to prevent burn-out or feeling stuck, figuring out how to optimize my time.

This DO-time is when we get clear on the right actions, the best strategies, and even develop the best behaviors to have the have the Have.

It is a time to take action, like in this story:

There were two seeds laying side by side in the fertile soil. 

The first seed said, "I want to grow! I want to send my roots deep into the soil beneath me, and thrust my sprouts through the earth´s crust above me.

I want to unfurl my tender buds like banners to announce the arrival of spring. I want to feel the warmth of the sun on my face and the blessing of the morning dew on my petals!" 

And so she grew... 

On the other hand, the second seed said, "Hmmmm. If I send my roots into the ground below, I don´t know what I will encounter in the dark. 

If I push my way through the hard soil above me I may damage my delicate sprouts. What if I let my buds open and a snail tries to eat them? 

And if I were to open my blossoms, a small child may pull me from the ground. No, no, no, no, no it is much better for me to wait until it is safe."  And so she waited. 

Then, one day, a yard hen scratching around in the early spring ground for food found the waiting seed...and promptly ate it. 

Moral of The Story: Those who DREAM BIG and THINK from knowing who they are will grow and prosper. Those who think negatively and refuse to BE before they DO, risk getting swallowed up by life. 

What would the best of You do? That could be the ideas and actions a mentor might take, but your version of it. Either way:

There is a Center in you that already knows.  Develop the consciousness that flows from this Center, for It is the Secret Place of the Most High within you.  ~Ernest Holmes

Finally, with our minds on Spirit, embodying the personal power of that within you and as you, and the process thought through, strategies set up, and clarity on the actions to take, it's time to Have.

Have at it:

  • lean into the flow
  • express your gifts
  • trust the process
  • listen to the voice of your vision
  • answer the next calls, if any
  • and most importantly, enjoy the journey as well as the results

Trust yourself in the process and trust the Divine in you for guidance. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote in his essay, Heroism, "Self-trust is the essence of heroism."

Be heroic by embodying the power in you. What is the Divine Urge seeking to express through you today, tomorrow...the next day?

To BE, DO, then HAVE that expression happen for you Right Now got this!!!!

Affirmative Incantation

Knowing that the Divine Presence is closer to me than my very breath, I have complete faith in the outcome of my day.

I feel Divine Love surrounding me and Its protection uplifting me.

And I hear It's Song of Joy forever chanting Its empowering voice at the center of my being. 

I direct my thought to Be the powerful badass that I am with efficiency and humor, Do my best every moment of the day, and thus Have what I seek as I work with and through the rock-solid presence of the radiant Spirit within me. Divine Intelligence informs me of the best actions to take, therefore I focus only on positive and constructive thoughts and ideas.

Joyfully, I expect greater abundance, the highest level of fulfillment, superlative success, and a deeper peace all through my day.

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