Tuesday, August 24, 2021


All month we talked about authenticating IT -  God, the Divine, the Power and Presence Within. It's what we are awakening ourselves to all year.

We started off talking about that there is no secret being kept from any of us about the Universe or how the Law works.  You may not have been taught this philosophy, but the Universe isn't keeping information on how IT works for members only. The secret is there is no secret! There are only tools to be discovered that enhance what you naturally know, even if you don't know that you know. Don't get sucked into the clickbait titles or descriptions claiming a big secret is being revealed for the first time b.s. And don't begin your day, week, month, or year pining on thinking you're starting in a deficit. That is not a good way to set yourself up to learning.

I also reminded you this month to look around, use your senses as proof of the existence and the workings of divine intention, grace, power, and wisdom. We can learn most if not all we need to learn from Mother Nature.

And last week, I asked you to decide which do you prefer, or which do you work your innermost education transformation and transcendence through....nature or nurture? Actually, there was no choosing...it was both

This week I want to stamp this month of Authentication...CONFIRMED. Not only confirming that:

  • The Power of Presence of Universal Creative Energy is working within you right now
  • The knowledge to succeed and prosper is innate and discover-able through our senses
  • We don't have to go to the top of the mountain or the bottom of the sea to discover God and our Godness
  • Nurturing our True nature leads us to manifestations of health, wealth, love, and peace. 
This week we confirm our authentic selves. We stamp our passports to self-definition and self-determination. We stamp our decree of being an expression of the divine. And we attest, verify, and certify as Michael Singer said in “The Untethered Soul”:

The prerequisite to true freedom is to decide that you do not want to suffer anymore. You must decide that you want to enjoy your life and that there is no reason for stress, inner pain, or fear.

How often do you show up authentically?

We are to see that Spirit creates all things by the power of Its own word, and that we are spiritual beings. We are to hear that inner voice of Truth, which is ever proclaiming the freedom of all life, the eternal unity of God with [all].  ~Ernest Holmes

No matter your profession, who you love, how you pray, where you live, how much formal education you have, how much money you have, what gender you identify with, how old you are, etc., you weren’t born to fit in....you were born to stand out.

God makes no mistakes - people do. And yet mistakes are a great teaching tool if you let them be. Regardless of what anyone says, your unique gifts have a purpose and individually it's our responsibility to be our authentic selves, to live and express that purpose. That might be annoying or unappetizing to some, but the more we express ourselves authentically, the more we inspire others to do the same, even if they find us annoying

Unconditional love and acceptance for others who are expressing themselves authentically doesn't mean we have to hang out with them, vote for them, or like them. Appreciating one's authenticity and that of others brings spiritual maturity into play and practice, and emotional maturity into life.

As the inner light dawns, it delivers the outer life from bondage. This is in line with the teaching that everything is from within, out. When the soul knows freedom, the law will free the body, and the outer life will express health, happiness and success. All things work for our good. Even that which we call evil is salutary, leading us to the Way, the Truth and the Life. Suffering should teach us a lesson which would cause us to refrain from making more mistakes; it carries a blessing with it when we learn how to garner knowledge from experience.  ~Science of Mind

If you were living a life of freedom, how would your life look?

Don't be depressed about the answer because it seems like a wish unfulfilled. Be encouraged, impassioned, inspired, motivated, and awakened by the answer as the first step to fulfillment. That is your authentic self calling....answer the call - your soul's desire is ringing.

Say this with me right now:

I consciously and confidently live as my authentic self.
Solid in self-respect and joy.
Firm in my respect and kindness to others.
Centered, grounded, and stable in my connection to Nature and Spirit.
And bold and brave in my self-expression.

Don't be what the world wants you to be. Find and be the definition of your authentic self. It's never too late. Look at these two womyn:

Julia Child

...worked in advertising, media, and secret intelligence before stepping into her passionate self and writing her first cookbook when she was 50, launching her career as a celebrity chef.

Martha Stewart

...a full-time model, then a 25-year-old mother before working a five-year stint as a Wall Street stockbroker; then finding her true purpose through her love of gourmet cooking and creative presentation to create the empire, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

How about these two:

...was a figure skater and journalist before entering the fashion industry at age 40 and became one of the world's premier women's designers.

...Anna Mary Robertson Moses began her prolific painting career at 78. In 2006, one of her paintings sold for $1.2 million. Previously, she was a housekeeper and farm laborer.

And finally these two/three people:

Taikichiro Moris...was an academic
who became a real-estate investor
at age 51, which made him
the richest person in the world in
1992, worth $13B.

Tim and Nina Zagat...were corporate
lawyers in their late 30s when they
turned their personal, passionate list
of favorite restaurants in Paris and
New York into a published collection
of restaurant reviews which eventually
became a mark of culinary authority.

So what hidden or not so hidden passion is waiting for your authenticity to emerge?

You know I know you know, even if you say you don't....you do. We all get caught up in the box of our degrees, our jobs, what the family expected, what we expected, and even the word “retiree.” So now is the time to commit to showing up -authentically- and choose to live the life we’ve always dreamed of. 

A bonus to all this is that doing so in your life also inspires others to follow. By you being an example of unconditional love & acceptance of a life of Spirit expressing Itself as you, that makes for a better world of unity, peace, love, and joy. And that authenticates the Divine in us all!

Stamp your authentic life confirmed and fly my friends, fly!

Affirmative Incantation

I answer the call from Spirit to awaken to the beauty and power within

With this Divine intention, I have the courage to think only clear, productive, and empowering thoughts, no matter what's going on.

I certify that since I am the master of my thoughts

I am the healer of my body

And the designer of my life.

The Truth confirms my wholeness

The Truth attests to my spiritual perfection

The Truth guarantees my success

And I verify this Truth today.

Ta-ta negativity

Goodbye old stories

Adieu junk thinking

I am my authentic True Divine Self right now!

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