Monday, May 25, 2020


I could while away the hours
Conferrin' with the flowers,
Consulting with the rain;
And my head I'd be a-scratchin'
While my thoughts are busy hatchin'
If I only had a brain. 



We find out that the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz had a brain all along. It might not have looked like yours or mine, but was full of more than straw, there were wit and smarts and kindness. It was  his self-confidence that was missing. In our own way, we all have moments when we think we don't even have a brain.

You've probably heard the word, Dharma. It is an act done in consonance or communion with our highest nature, one’s life purpose or one’s sacred gifts, talents and contribution to world. Its a place where we step into our “Zone of Genius.”
You exist that the Divine feeling, fire, imagination and creativity may be expressed through you. The Spirit comes to you with a new and fresh creativity. You need not ask what others have done or how they have done it. Be yourself and express life as you find it.  Never imitate.  Trust the self. Find the self in God and God in the self.    ~This Thing Called You
Sometimes we don't understand this Divine feeling/urge/Dharma at first or it's something we think is out of our comfort zone and scary, but it calls to us; at times very loud. However, with patience, tenacity and practice; we can master that Dharma, scary and uncomfy or not. Mastery is usually measured with five levels of learning:
  • Unconscious Incompetence – don't know you don't know – ignorance is bliss
  • Conscious Incompetence – now you know you don't know – pain of learning
  • Conscious Competence – now you know you know – now it's getting exciting
  • Unconscious Competence – now you know so much, you don't even have to know you know – intuition is setting in
  • Conscious Unconscious Competence – now you reflect on the knowing what you know you know and teach others to know
The goal in life is not to attain some imaginary ideal; it is to find and fully use our own gifts.           ~The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks
My cousin started quilting many years ago. Each had a story. She decided to turn them into a book (four of them, to date). This whole writing and getting a book published was a step out of her comfort zone, but her dharma was calling and she got through it. She is a wonderful storyteller and educator, but I am sure she first entered the Zone of Unconscious Incompetence like the rest of us. 

The scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz was in that zone, too. Confused from an assumed lack of brain power, like any new-born (which he was), he had a lack of self-confidence, not ability; as evidenced by the story. He didn't know what he knew, yet he exhibits his common sense, logic and quick-wit – brain power,  kindness – heart-brain power,  and imagination – gut-brain power.

Competence can be learned. Confidence can be acquired. The whole of creation exists in you ... which just need to tap in! Neville Goddard in The Power of Awareness writes on the idea that creation is finished:
...all that you ever have been or ever will be – in fact, all that mankind ever was or ever will be – exists now. ...nothing is ever to be created, it is only to be manifested.
Creativeness. which is a deeper receptiveness to the creation that already exists in all space and time, is at work in all of us right now. There are infinite possibilities out there of which to becom[e] aware.  There is this Divine Urge within each of us, a sacred calling beckoning you. it matters not if you're on a yellow brick road; in the hot, unlivable, desolate salt ruins of Dallol, Ethiopia; the Hollywood Hills; or anyplace in between.

Step into your Divine Urge, your sacred calling, and commit to uncovering your Zone of Genius, even now, no matter your age or what's going on in the world. Take a leap out of your comfort zone. We all go through the unconscious incompetence. Remember when you first learned to drive. For most of us that is a perfect example of the five levels of learning.

Make plans, no matter if this time seems confusing. How? Make decisions in mind first.  Use your entire mind, what I call the Divine Matrix. Yes, the brain stuff, the logic and education, but also the feelings about these decisions and plans; allow them to propel your imagination. Your gut is a place where your imagination soars and your imagination is the key to your assumptions which are the key to your perceptions and those feelings from your perceptions are the key to the door to your manifestation. Open it. If you don't feel it right now, intervene with more imagination.

The Call
by Ernest Holmes
This I saw or else some greater presence made it known to thee,
The universe is filled with life, the earth, the sky, the sea

And teamed with Intelligence, with majesty and might
Deep within me some subtle inner sight
Beholds and sees, comprehends and knows the All
No fears, no falters, but answers the Divine Call.

To be as one, beyond the bonds of time and space
To overcome the bondage of the human race
And to leap with Trust, undaunted and free,
Into the deeps of that infinite sea
Who’s waters, calm are ready to receive
Those who in simple faith Believe.
In the Wizard of Oz, one of the messages are that too many of us seek external "magic" to give us qualities we already possess, but fail to recognize. It's all from the inside, is what we learn. Discover your genius from the inside. Answer the call to uncover, liberate, reveal, and express your Divine genius from within. Don't let stay-at-home, the new normal or anything else that is floating around get in your way. Intervene, imagine, step into your creativeness. 
You've got more than a brain to work've got the entire Universe to pull from.

Start pulling!

I have a brain. I can think with this brain. I think only the thoughts that support my desires that consistently uplift my life.
I have a heart. I feel with this heart. I feel the effects of this uplift in my life, lit in glorious and prosperous technicolor, taking place right now.
I have a gut feeling. With this gut feeling my imagination envisions my uplifted life. What it looks like, smells like, sounds like, tastes like, and how it feels to the touch. 
I am inspired, and it all adds up to a life that is well-lived in body, mind, spirit, love, creativity, and gorgeous finances. 
And I do so right now!

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