Saturday, November 7, 2020

Vote Your Consciousness

When we vote, we are told to vote our conscience. I beg to differ. I believe when we vote, we must vote our consciousness. How that, you may ask?

Let's look at the word conscience versus consciousness. Conscience is that part of your personality that guides you to determine between right and wrong in behavior. Freud equates it with guilt; feeling guilty when you do something bad and good when you do something kind. Thus conscience is something that shows up after the fact. So...

When we vote our consciousness, we vote from something we are now.

It is said that God’s Will looks like this...

...some anthropomorphic idea of an outside power guiding, choosing, and leading us from the outside like a Santa Claus type figure doling out the good and the bad, the positive and the negative.

In Truth, this Power resides within. It is an energy that radiates like this...

...the energy of inspiration

...the energy of pure potentiality

...the energy of Divine Love

...the energy of the Big Bang

...the energy of infinite wisdom

In fact - in Truth, God's Will, if you want to call it that, is to say “yes” to each of our choices!

We have the Divine Authority to choose how to think, act, and be; to choose the energy we exude and attract, and to choose to do that through wisdom and compassion. Spirit is so giving of ItSelf to ItSelf -that's you and me- that it accepts the choices we as incarnate beings of It's Divinity choose to declare. Does it not benefit us to always choose from a place of consciousness and character? of compassion, self-care, integrity, goodness? 

Choice is the engine of evolution...The power of choice is the greatest gift you have been given, second only to the gift of Life itself.  ~Gary Zukav

Consciousness is a choice. Awakening to and living as our authentic selves is a choice; a choice we either use unconsciously and be beholden to our conscience or consciously, and be intentional and full of purpose, ethics, and values from the start.

All Intelligence abides in you … and awaits your call upon it. You may say you do not know what to do. But at the center of your mind is the clear decision that you should make. It is right there.  ~Raymond Charles Barker, “The Power of Decision”


a story from Jataka tales of India

There once was a teacher who lived with a great number of students in a run-down old school. The students supported themselves by begging for food in the bustling streets of a nearby town. Some of the students grumbled about their humble living conditions. In response, the old master said one day, "We must repair the walls of this temple. Since we occupy ourselves with study and meditation, there is no time to earn the money we will need. I have thought of a simple solution."

All the students eagerly gathered closer to hear the words of their teacher.

The master said, "Each of you must go into the town and steal goods that can be sold for money. In this way, we will be able to do the good work of repairing our temple."

The students were startled at this suggestion from their wise master. But since they respected him greatly, they assumed he must have good judgment and did not protest.

The wise master said sternly, "In order not to defile our excellent reputation by committing illegal and immoral acts, please be certain to steal when no one is looking. I do not want anyone to be caught."

When the teacher walked away, the students discussed the plan among themselves. "It is wrong to steal," said one. "Why has our wise master asked us to do this?"

Another retorted, "It will allow us to build our temple, which is a good result."

They all agreed that their teacher was wise and just and must have a sensible reason for making such an unusual request. They set out eagerly for the town, promising each other that they would not disgrace their school by getting caught. "Be careful," they called to one another. "Do not let anyone see you stealing."

All the students except one young boy set forth. The wise master approached him and asked, "Why do you stay behind?"

The boy responded, "I cannot follow your instructions to steal where no one will see me. Wherever I go, God is watching me and I am always there watching myself too. My own eyes will see me steal."

The wise master tearfully embraced the boy. "I was just testing the integrity of my students," he said. "You are the only one who has passed the test!"

The boy went on to become a great teacher himself.

To make choices that engage both the wisdom of the Divine and compassion, we must cultivate these qualities within ourselves and express them habitually and intentionally. Our goal here is to bring forth what is already within us; to awaken our true power, love, wisdom, and joy by focusing our minds on wise and compassionate choices.

The human mind is a vessel for receiving divine inflow. Yet what is divine does not flow beyond our smoothing of the way or our opening of the door.  ~Emanuel Swedenborg 

Conclusion and Call to Action: 

Let us say YES to choice and commit, over and over and over again, to choosing a consciousness of our best Self. 

Choose fairness, respect, kindness, wisdom, joy, compassion, generosity, integrity, loyalty, sincerity, peacefulness, patience, courage, boldness,  trustworthiness, responsibility, and citizenship

And when you vote, whether on a ballot or any decision you're making, vote for and with character - yours, mine, ours, and that of our nation

Affirmative Incantation

My authentic Self is in all I do, think, feel, and Be. 

My character is illustrated by kindness, compassion, love and peace. Everyone and everything I come into contact with today shall be talked with as another Divine Appointment in the world. 

On this day I have decided to choose wisely, compassionately, and decisively with all that shows up. I have the consciousness of being an extraordinary, authentic expression of Divine Love. 

This day, I habitually glow brightly in the joyous Light of Spirit.

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