Friday, November 13, 2020


Today I must give credit where credit is due. I am grateful that so many came together to vote with their consciousness so that they wouldn't have to continue to live steeped in their conscience. Though all the votes have not been counted as of this morning, a large number of citizens chose integrity over party, fairness over politics, cooperation over chaos, wisdom over policy, and character over personality.

We tend to forget that the Universe has already made everything available to us. It may not always feel like it, because it is our job to awaken to it, reveal it. And, by believing in It and ourselves as It, we can learn and create a better us, a better nation, and a better world.

The most direct approach to prosperity is through the Absolute. If it is true of God, it must be true in manifestation. God is all in all. It is both desire and fulfillment, prayer and its answer, idea and its manifestation.  ~Robert A Russell, "Putting the Prosperity Idea to Work"

If it is true of God and God is all in all, then it must be true of each of us. We are the prayer and its answer, the idea and its manifestation, and the desire and its fulfillment.

Much celebration has occurred for a return of decency, faith, calm, and the removal of a little less cray-cray in our nation. Still, many will say...

Really? So what?”What's to be grateful for? We are still staying at home. People are dying or getting sick. Businesses are being lost. 

What is to be grateful for is our birthright, power, and ability to awaken or re-awaken, if necessary, to the Truth and transcend the limiting beliefs of any of our present conditions. That can never be taken away. Still...

Are you struggling in the “I can’t” world; allowing the edges of your limitations to show? playing small? limiting the Universe?

Are you playing at the level of Tic Tac Toe or Kirby's Dream Land on a Game Boy?

Are you stuck in Level One or Two manifestations like parking spots and misplaced keys? Or are you playing full out? Not just in the process of getting things, but in the end result of being things and ideas by shining your Truth and Light as a customer of the inexhaustible source of the Universe.

There's nothing wrong with the small-play if we use their success as the basis of strengthening our faith and gratitude muscles, perfecting our best words, fleshing out our praying, as well as using our affirming, imagining, and visualizing skills by mastering the smaller stuff. You've done it – you've proved yourself. Go ahead and take the credit and get on Faith Freeway and the Energy Expressway to manifesting fabulous ideas and stuff.

Modern Mystic Vivian May Williams wrote:

We cannot possess money until we perceive that the substance of our own form or identity is the same substance of wealth [or abundance] of which money is the identity. If you believe you are spiritual and money is material, you separate yourself from it by accepting such a belief. But when you realize that money is a spiritual idea that stands in the same relationship to Mind [and] God, as a rose does, it will be visibly expressed without anxious thought.

What is the spiritual difference between a rose bloomed in your garden and a check for a million dollars? Spirit...only in consciousness, only in the energy of allowing and expecting the idea to come into fruition, only in the frequency of being in gratitude for receiving that rose or the million-dollar check or whatever amount you can be a bit out of your comfort zone with. The Universe is ready, able, and willing to manifest either or both.

From David Spangler, the "practical mystic":

Imagine with me:  your inside a dark house, dressed in a swimsuit. You are cold. You wish for warmth, you wish for light. You step outside the door of the house, into the sunlight, out into nature. You go out to your lounge chair and lie down and sunbathe. You feel the warmth and light penetrate your being. You feel so good, no longer cold. You see a tree near you and you see how it also takes in the rays of the sun, turning sunlight into food and energy. It is like you, a sun-bather, absorbing the light and warmth. Now look at the sun and feel your being begin to expand and rise out of your scene, towards the sun. You meld into the sun. You are the sun. You are radiating out your light upon the trees and plants, on nature, shining your light onto solar panels that people convert into energy, people sitting and absorbing your rays. Feel what it is like to give out from an inexhaustible supply. Feel the difference of being the sun and being the sunbather. Feel the connection between the two.

Are you seeking the warmth, taking the action to step into the light, and accepting the rays of the sun?

Or do you think of yourself as the very power of the sun! Not catching the light...

Being the Light!

You are the sun. When you pass by, people should sing, “Here Comes the Sun...”

Living in Project Gratitude means we show up shifting our point of view from getting to expecting. Not by some entitlement, taking away from or using others, but by an expectation of an infinite availability. I am not here to train you to manifest. I am here to lead you in recognizing/acknowledging your ability to manifest; your God-given right and power to energize the consciousness and having-ness within you of the rose and the check, of health and the loving relationships, of the great career and a peaceful world, etc.

In I of the Storm, Rev. Dr. Gary Simmons of Unity Spiritual Center Spokane wrote about an experience he had with Jyotish Hindu astrologers:

One of the Hindu ascetics looked at me and said, “The future can only be regarded as probabilities floating upon a sea of infinite possibilities. What makes us so predictable,” he added, “is that attention and awareness continuously re-frame the present moment in the context of past influences. ... If consciousness is in bondage to the past or if attention is mesmerized according to ingrained patterns of awareness, the future is simply an extended line from here to tomorrow - and that's what makes the future predictable.

In Project Gratitude we re-frame our past and present, realign it and release any bondage. It may happen in 7 seconds or 7 years. You see, prayer is like a seed. Like the oak tree contained within the acorn, so too is the manifestation of an idea already contained in the Universe - ready to crack open. Our example to the world is to:

  • Rid ourselves from a Lack of Awareness
  • Live the words of infinite availability/possibility
  • Do our work in the Absolute
  • Shift our viewing point from future to gratitude

You are the conduit, the sun, the connection. Soak in the energy of the Universe and creation.'s your thoughts and the feelings backing them, and your beliefs's your connection to the energy that is Spirit's your consciousness that makes your life as it is.

So take a bow, take the credit! Enjoy, be grateful, live, laugh, love, thrive!

Affirmative Incantation

I acknowledge that I Am backed and sustained by the Power and Presence of Spirit.

Today my heart opens to the energy, liturgy and synergy of gratitude, constantly renewing Itself in a beam of Light that illuminates everything I do. 

This brings unto me...

the inspiration, affirmation, confirmation, and divination of love, 

the expectation, Installation, and habitation of calm, 

the liberation, mobilization, and navigation of bodily ease, 

the realization, ordination, and propagation of grace, 

the stimulation, transformation, and verification of prosperity, 

and that frequency called peace of mind broadcasts perpetually.

I radiate my Divine communion. And joyously shout from the rooftops my gratitude for these things being in my life today and in all my tomorrow's tomorrow.

Title Photo by Thibault DandrĂ© on Unsplash

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