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Cleaned Up, Now What?

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I want to invoke a Wholly Holy Uprising

We stand poised, with the ability to use this teaching and other tools to take ourselves and all of humanity into a new paradigm of consciousness.
  • A paradigm of prosperity, happiness, health, and loving relationships
  • A model of miracles, aha moments, and infinite possibilities
  • A pattern of connection, communion, and joy
  • A habit of right thinking and Truth
  • A mirror of opulence and opportunities
We are invited every single day to demonstrate all of this and more in our lives, our communities, and the world.

To do so, we must rise up!

Like we rise up for social injustice, we must rise up to a consciousness of equality and unity – Oneness revealing the Divinity within.

Like we rise up to save our family and friends from dangerous conditions, we must rise up to a consciousness of protection, security, and peace.

Like we rise up to move away from addiction and depression, we must rise up to a consciousness of joy.

Like we rise up to move away from negative thinking, we must rise up to this consciousness that we are being supported by Divine Love and the Law of Cause and Effect at all times.

We need not place limits on Spirit, It has none.

Once we have the consciousness of what it is we require and as we align with the great power that created all, we avail ourselves to the infinite possibilities and give ourselves the permission (already granted by the Universe) to put our hands in the biggest cookie jar and pull out all the goodies we can grab – including peace and prosperity for all. Then we can increase the size of the bucket inside our minds knowing that God's bucket is the one we get to fill ours from.

With limitless prosperity available and ready to be served, our mental equivalent is the mirror to our external circumstances. Our inner life, our consciousness, is Truth-based and the experiences imagined, Earth-bound.

We have spent the month decluttering our minds and freeing our hearts and connecting with Divine wisdom from our gut's intuitions. Now it's time we allow it all to flow...getting into the flow of joy 
of our communion with Spirit.

Imagine a garden hose that is attached to a water spigot. The spigot is Source. The water is turned on and is flowing. How much water comes out of the end of that garden hose depends on whether or not the hose is obstructed. The water is flowing fully and yet, at the other end of the hose, water may be dribbling out. Our spiritual work removes the obstructions in the garden hose to allow the full flow of water. 

God is the water that's flowing. The degree to which we experience that flow which is the giving-ness of Spirit in our lives is determined by the degree to which we able that water to flow through unobstructed. Our work, our Word, is “unkinking the hose” so that Spirit can flow through fully.

We don’t need to do anything about the flow of water; that's spigot's on full already. Our job is to allow the water to flow through us.

Let's not be confused or deterred over the appearances we see, but don't want. Let's face the fear. Let's face the disappointment. Let's face the bag of cookies or the next cigarette or drink. Name the condition and then know the Truth of it...'s old news's an old story is yesterday's thoughts, opinion, perspective, or perception

The fact is, the energy you invest in knowing, using, and being the Truth -the spiritual practice you invest in speaking, embodying and illuminating the Truth, and the focusing of your mind and heart to the frequency of the Truth- the more yesterday's thoughts and beliefs become neutered, null, and void.
This happens not only in your life, but it also affects all of life.
In this interconnected universe, every improvement we make in our private world improves the world at large for everyone… Simple kindness to one’s self and all that lives is the most powerful transformational force of all.
  ~David R. Hawkins, Power vs. Force
According to Hawkins, who was a nationally renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher, and spiritual teacher, and who calibrated human consciousness from its lowest “vibration” (shame) to its highest (enlightenment), higher consciousness radiates a beneficial and healing effect on the world. Using kinesthetic testing (muscle resistance to a word), Hawkins created a chart to explain, in detail, what the mystics have always known:  love is more powerful than hatred, and the truth sets us free.

The Truth is when you increase your integrity, understanding, and capacity for compassion, you also change the world.
In God-awareness, problems dissolve because there are no “real” problems; in the mind of God, there are only perfect patterns of existence and divine ideas. ~Michael Beckwith, Spiritual Liberation
So, you've been cleaning up all month, all what? What perfect patterns are you creating? Ask yourself:

Are there any areas in my life where I am “playing small” or working patterns of lack?

What limiting beliefs can I let go of to expand my consciousness and fill that bigger bucket?

...our belief sets the limit to our demonstration of a Principle which, of itself, is without limit. It is ready to fill everything, because It is Infinite...It is entirely a question of our own receptivity.   ~Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind
When appearances suggest an absence of the Divine:
  1. start decluttering
  2. face these appearances with the courage and power that is innate in you
  3. neutralize them with conviction, purpose, spiritual practice, therapy, counseling, and/or coaching
  4. take action to lessen or remove these appearances' grip on your beliefs and life
I am not asking you to ignore or gloss over genuine issues in your life or the world at large and hide behind platitudes the bypass life until the storms pass. In times of social unrest and personal tragedy, apply the principles of this teaching and all the other philosophical and psychological tools there are to find what is yours to do.

I am invoking a Wholly Holy Uprising

Using the principles of Oneness, love, joy, and Truth, we allow any uncomfortable topics, situations, and stories to help us deepen our spiritual practices, grow our compassion, and take divinely inspired action to transcend, transform and inspire our best life!

So, cleaned up – now what?

Live an absolutely fabulous, opulent, and love-filled life

...that's what!

Affirmative Incantion

I have a big intelligence system: my mind

I have a big feeling system: my heart

I have a big wisdom system: my gut

This Divine Matrix is abundant with all the tools, ideas, feelings, imagination, and power I require to live my life fabulously. I have decluttered my world and exclusively energize thoughts of prosperity, vitality, and love. I am relishing this miracle called ME!

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