Tuesday, May 18, 2021


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When I affirm that I am alone, my crap shows up.

When I affirm no one is on my side, yesterday's junk shows up.

When I affirm I've been forgotten or never known, I feel alone.

What I forget in those pity parties is that in Truth, all those ideas are a lie. The facts may bear those emotions, my edging God out ego may experience those false assertions, my B.S. may believe that b. s. for now, but that doesn't make it True 

...facts aren't Truth

The Christ is here. It is your very own consciousness when human thought is stilled… Where human effort ends, the activity of the Christ begins.  ~Joel S. Goldsmith, Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture

The “Christ” Goldsmith speaks of is that awareness in you of the higher self as part of a universal system, a state of consciousness in which a person has found self-realization and unity with the Divine. Like the Hindu concept of samadhi, it is a deep spiritual bliss, an enlightening, an awakening, a revealing of the Divine within.

Many of you know I am an actor as well as a Minister. People ask me what the most important thing is about the craft of acting – in auditions, rehearsals, or performance. And I always say "tell the story," your job is to tell the story. Actually, that isn't enough. My job as an actor, our job in this adventure called life, is to...


Having an adventure in life is not just about the trips to the Grand Canyon, zip-lining, a safari, or climbing Everest, though those are adventurous. It's our spiritual connection to those things. The journey of a spiritual being having a human experience is a daily adventure of connection; communing with the Divine in all of Nature and vibrating at the speed of the Divine in all events.

The etymology of the word “adventure” as both a noun and verb includes terms like “event,” “risk,” and phrases like “take a chance,” “to come to,” “to reach for,” or  “arrive at.” Connection is defined as a “bind,” “a fastening together,” “a joining,” “an intimate relationship.” And communion is about a “mutual participation,'' “sharing,” “being with oneness,” or “a union together.”

I invite you to look at how you are allowing this spiritual life to show up, where are you taking holy risks to evolve or seeking out opportunities to have an intimate relation to and a union together with your Spiritual Magnificence. It's not just a journey or a risk, it is a consciousness and a perspective to come to or arrive at...an awakening.

God is our adventure. Our active participation in It, both spiritual and three-dimensional, unfolds through affirming the Divine Urge that is inherently and eternally calling us into our greater selves. There's no risk in this adventure, there’s only a Divine Intelligence - the One Creative and loving Source & Substance found in everything ...coming into form as you.

We are of that Intelligence.

We are of that Source.

                            So, what’s to fear?

Where’s the real risk in living a life, affirming this connection?  

Fear of failure?

Fear of success?

Fear of facing the yesterdays?

Truly the biggest risk (if there is one at all) is in not opening to our Infinite Possibilities...

...not affirming our Power

...not affirming our capabilities

Find God. That’s the adventure!

So many people turn away this philosophy or other similar teachings because of the "God" word. Okay, use the word Universe, the Power, the Divine, the Great Accountant, Phil...call it Mind.  It matters not what you call it...just take the call.

Since before the Vedic sages proclaimed, “I am the universe” or Ernest Holmes' Declaration of Principles or the Fillmore's Five Principles or the Buddha's Four Precepts, or the Tao, or any progressive philosophy/psychology of love and success; the universe, and thus each of us, has been creatively and intelligently evolving and expanding, even before the Big Bang or the Genesis. The most significant process for us now is our alignment, receptivity, awakening, and participation in the adventure of our Divine selves working in this physical universe and affirming our ever-evolving expression while engaging, intercoursing, experiencing, and transcending whatever conditions show up.

          Ask yourself:  How does Life wish to express through me?  

In the midst of plenty humanity lives in want, because of fear. To overcome fear is the greatest adventure of the mind of man.  ~Science of Mind

Investigate ways you hold yourself back from Life. Uncover your fears. Reorient yourself to your divine heritage. If you find yourself shrinking or withering from your path and purpose, spend time in silence and listen. Step into your adventure every day. Reconcile your spiritual checkbook with enthusiastic participation in the Divine Unfoldment as your magnificent self 

There is an inner urge in our minds to grow, to expand, to break down the barriers of previous limitations and to ever widen our experience. This persistent urge is a Divine influence, and irresistible force, and constitutes the greatest impulse in human experience.  ~Ernest Holmes, Living Without Fear

Let us say “yes” to this Divine opportunity and, by the way, every opportunity is a Divine opportunity. Affirm your connection with It:  

  • the Power and Presence of All that is in you
  • the luminous essence of Creation that is available to you
  • the energy of the actual Big Bang that was the Genesis that made us all and that you are

Affirm you are individualizing God!
Affirm that you have the power and presence to bust through, soar, and zoom...no matter what!
Affirm, like Raymond Charles Barker said in The Power of Decision,
You are the present becoming the future!

We arrive at our Oneness through our Conscious Participation. In that oneness, in the connection and communion with Spirit, remember:  you are not alone

...no one is alone!

So let us begin to affirm that right now!

Affirmative Incantation 

With unshakable confidence, I participate fully and freely in the adventure of an opulent, succulent, and peaceful life. I affirm my dependable connection and communion with the great I Am that I am. 

And so I face this day with Divine Love, Divine Intelligence, and the Power and Presence, vitality and creativity of Spirit at my back, my forward, as my foundation, and on all sides of me. I am busting through, soaring, and zooming into today affirmed and empowered.

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