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It is said:  "Necessity...is the mother of invention.” Do you think that's true? Is it "necessity"?

No matter your gender, your organs, or your relation to children...you are a mother. You may not be called that, or maybe you have; I'm sure I have once or twice. And you have an invention...it's your life.

"Necessity is the mother of invention." I'm not talking about urgency, although you may feel urgent. I'm not talking about difficulty, although you may be in difficulty. I'm not talking about hardships either, though you may have some. The mother of invention I'm talking about is your primary driving force for your life. Not just a need or requirement...your purpose. Aesop wrote a fable called THE CROW AND THE PITCHER. In it, he tells...

In a spell of dry weather, when the Birds could find very little to drink, a thirsty Crow found a pitcher with a little water in it. But the pitcher was high and had a narrow neck, and no matter how he tried, the Crow could not reach the water. The poor thing felt he might die of thirst.

Then an idea came to him. Picking up some small pebbles, he dropped them into the pitcher one by one. With each pebble, the water rose a little higher until at last, it was near enough so he could drink.

Moral:  In a pinch, good use of our wits may help us out.

Do we have to wait to be in a pinch or in urgency, difficulty, or hardship to turn on our wits? Know that it never takes adversary, difficulty, or hardship for you to turn It on. Know that it never has to come to you only after feeling stuck, useless, or "hitting bottom," to turn It on.

The power to create ...to mother a life of living your magnificence... is available right now. The power and process given to you from Spirit are available right now. That power and process are...

feeling and imagination. 

That's what it takes to create the mental equivalent, to mother the idea and give it birth. The creative process embedded in each of us is the mother of invention.

The mechanism of creation is hidden in the very depth of the subconscious, the female aspect or womb of creation.   ~Neville Goddard

When you are able to imagine the event and feel the feelings of experiencing the event, then the event shows up or the actions you must take to facilitate the event are revealed to you.

Feeling is the one and only medium through which ideas are conveyed to the subconscious.  ~Neville Goddard

You want money to buy a plane ticket somewhere? Well, then why not just imagine and feel the result of that plane ticket, with your name on it, in your hand. Who needs the middleman called money. You're not imagining stealing the ticket or getting it nefariously somehow, so let the Universe figure out the means. You just know the end of the imagined story, the plane ticket to your next wonderful adventure in your pocket.

Your feelings create the pattern from which your world is fashioned, and a change of feeling is a change of pattern.  ~Neville Goddard

As you stick with this imagination and feeling practice for your desire, you mother the belief in your subconscious and thus send off clear instructions to the Law. Francis Scovel Shinn tells a related story in THE GAME OF LIFE AND HOW TO PLAY IT:

I knew a man who wanted to buy a fur-lined overcoat. He and his wife went to various shops, but there was none he wanted. He said they were all too cheap-looking. At last, he was shown one, the salesman said was valued at a thousand dollars, but which the manager would sell him for five-hundred dollars, as it was late in the season.

His financial possessions amounted to about seven hundred dollars. The reasoning mind would have said, “You can’t afford to spend nearly all you have on a coat,” but he was very intuitive and never reasoned.

He turned to his wife and said, “If I get this coat, I’ll make a ton of money!” So his wife consented, weakly.

About a month later, he received a ten-thousand-dollar commission. The coat made him feel so rich, it linked him with success and prosperity; without the coat, he would not have received the commission. It was an investment paying large dividends!

I'm not telling you to go out and spend beyond your financial abilities, nor am I condoning buying fur-lined clothing. It really wasn't about the coat itself. It was the feeling the coat gave him.

You have to Feel Rich to be Rich

...and I'm not just talking about money.

Assume the feeling that would be yours when you realized or revealed that which you desire. That impresses the subconscious and puts you and your mothering system in a state. Not just a state of mind, but a state of being, having, and living. Here are the two gateways into the subconscious:


One-third of our life is sleeping, it is a natural door into the subconscious. In the state of sleep, the conscious and subconscious meet - like lovers touching.

As you feel, so do you impress her; and she, the perfect lover, gives form to these impressions and out-pictures them as the children of her beloved.  ~Neville Goddard

Feeling a function produces that state. That's why I recommend you to state and feel the affirmative incantations twice a day. They are not merely affirmations, they are cleansings, 'rebootings,' motherings, ....'creatings.' They are an imagining of a story that builds, inspires, motivates, and impresses upon your subconscious and belief system.

Our volition or choice of reaction or response
Our decision on perspective and perception
Our turning on our connection to Spirit or not

are our truest of freedoms!

Not speech or assembly, but choice, decision, and flipping It on.

The second gateway is prayer. This is where you really turn IT on, connect to IT, and reveal IT on purpose. Prayer is not just the act of affirmative words to the Universe or using spiritual mind treatment or other modalities. Prayer is in the words you say in conversation, your self-talk or inner dialogue, the meditations you have, and the thoughts you bear and hold. When you assume and affirm the feeling,  declare the possession of that idea or thing, and reveal the Divine Power, Love, and Intelligence in you, through patience, persistence, allowing, listening, letting go and surrendering, and speaking your appreciative and grateful word…you are turning It on.

IT - that Divine in you

These are the processes going on in sleep and prayer:

  • Imagination is the key
  • Feeling is the secret weapon
  • Declaring is the gavel hitting the table
  • Connecting to the love and wisdom of the Universe is the power

You can do all the shadow work or other modalities to have unconditional self-acceptance, other-acceptance, and life-acceptance. You can

  1. Identify Irrational Thought Patterns and Beliefs
  2. Challenge Irrational Beliefs
  3. Gain Insight and Change Behavior

But without the commitment to Turn IT on with your mind and heart, and listening from your gut...your foundation is rocky; as in unstable, without a foundation.

Turn IT on...your connection to the Divine Mother in you.

Turn IT on...and watch your life change exponentially for good!

Affirmative Incantation

I am flipping the switch to position...ON!

On, to embodying confidence.

On, to embodying vitality.

On, to embodying opulence.

I am anchored to the Source and Substance of my supply with the on-switch active. My brain and heart are energized and focused. And any actions required are being taken with grace,ease, and wisdom.

I own my future. So, here I go to create excellence and live my life with abundance turned on.

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