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If you tell yourself the Universe is against you must stop lying to yourself

If you tell yourself you were born in sin, a mistake, dumb, weak, without power or abilities must stop lying to yourself

If you tell yourself your DNA is your destiny must stop lying to yourself!

Dr. David Walker, one of my mentors wrote in his book, “You Are Enough

Excuses are deadly. They don't injure our desires, they kill them, because they replace them. If you have an excuse as to why you are not demonstrating greater good in your life, that's the reason you haven't. You have an excuse.

What's your excuse? What lie have you told yourself about yourself? Let me tell you the Truth.

You are sacred.

Do you see yourself as that?

Sacred is defined as something that is from the idea or condition that is inviolable and sacrosanct. You were sacred before you started using this body you're in, you are during the time you use this body you're in, and will continue to be when you're done with this body you are in. You're sacred because every thing is sacred. Not just in a religious sense, but in a "what-a-crazy-miraculous-thing-this-universe-is" sense...the very essence of you is of the divine

Trees, flowers, and birds – sacred.

The wind, the stars, the sunlight falling upon our face - sacred.

How our bodies work, how we became us [remember out of 200M sperm, only 1 takes the cake or makes the cake, as it were] ...all of that is divine, miraculous, and sacred.

If we only knew how the Universe really works, we wouldn't just believe in miracles, we would expect, respect, and collect them in our hearts a million times a day. Life is a wonder. Love is magic. You are a miracle.  ~Gordana Bierat [tweet]

When we see something as sacred:

    • it's no longer taken for granted... appreciation/gratitude comes into play

    • you treat it with respect and love, grateful for your connection and communion with he/she/it/them.

    • it doesn’t get tossed into the actual or proverbial trash or put just any old place - it's handled with care.

    • you no longer feel it’s a burden, but a gift. Devotion and love are bestowed upon it, and there's no struggle to get through the experience.

    • you start to see the goodness and treat it, them, or yourself better...with nutritional food, sunlight, laughter, love, exercise, constructive self-talk, positive energy, etc.

    • you move through/around it with awe and wonder...applauding the magical creation of which you are part.

We can't make ourselves sacred, and we can't keep ourselves from being sacred. We can only become aware that we are sacred.  ~Dr. Walker, “Discovering the Sacred”

Everything is sacred...and yet nothing is sacred...unless you make it so. You see, you are automatically enough...spiritually perfect, whole, and complete right now. And you are born with a superpower. And your superpower is choice. The choice to lose what at one time seemed sacred or was practiced as sacred, but no longer serves you. Like the following lies... 

“If I could just X, then my life would be amazing.”

What's your get married, get laid, get a raise, buy a new car, a new house, a new pet, floss more often? You’re smart enough to know that no one single goal will ever solve your delays in having or calling happiness in your life. Or do you use the excuse:

“I'm a very busy person”

Sorry, I have to call b.s. on that B.S. If you want to start a business or get six-pack abs, become an expert at this or that, don't lie and say you don't have the time. You make time and commit or understand you aren't ready to commit and stop making excuses. Or what about this oldie:

“If I say or do such and such, people will think I’m stupid.” 

I know that one, I've had that go through my head. And when I do, I remember the title of Terry Cole Whitaker's book: “What You Think of Me Is None of My Business”. Or maybe you're thinking:

“If I just say or do this or that, then he/she/it/they will finally change.”

Not impossible, but...

a. it's not your job to fix "them"

b. it usually never works that way...people only change when they are ready

Possibly you've got the:

“Everything is great or everything sucks” blues.

Both are lies. Obviously, everything does not suck, but if you constantly think everything is great, you might be hiding behind the spiritual bypass that no matter what is happening, good or bad, it is the perfect manifestation of your beliefs. And though that is true, it is no reason to just let things happen to or at you. You have control of your imagination, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs and thus what manifests around you...take it and manifest what you want. Then there's the:

“There’s something inherently wrong or different about me”


“I would change, but (fill in your rationalization here)”

or the

“I can’t live without X, Y, or Z”

kind of stuff. And, of course, the famous stance:

“I know what I’m doing”

Lie, lie, lie....b.s., b.s., b.s.

There's nothing inherently wrong with you. You are not your addictions, habits, DNA, or history. You can and will be able to live without him, her, they, them, or it. And yet don't get so cocky about your knowledge of this teaching or any other subject to the degree that you aren't open to learning more or healing from or evolving to your best. Those head-trip mechanisms including projections, denials, and other deceptions are all escape routes for the lies.

Now you can use those lies as motivation; a divine urge to be more, live more, express more deeply, to transform and transcend your present circumstances, education, and success. Great, have at it. It's okay to want and have more. The lie is that your present circumstances make you less than.

Learn to enjoy where you are and enjoy the challenge of the pursuit of the next adventure. Relish what might seem like the chase and enjoy the journey, seeing it as a sacred adventure - as the Divine revealing Itself in you. To paraphrase Thomas Troward in "The Creative Process in the Individual" and Ernest Holmes in "The Science of Mind":

Principle is never bound by precedent. 

We have a tendency to slip into statistics and probability theories even when we think we have clarity about our vision or purpose. We view the vision through the past. It's okay, learning is good, not repeating mistakes is great, however, don't let a past-heavy perspective limit you from stepping into a whole new experience of possibility. Add to your vision work, your imagination/feeling/action work with a mystical glimpse of the Infinite Possibilities - see them, feel them, allow them to urge you into expression. What you focus on now is what the Universe will read.

If it is a destructive thought that comes to you, it's a lie from ego, stupidity, meanness, or ignorance. If it is a constructive thought, it comes from the Universal Power and we should awaken to Its wisdom and allow It to speak through and as us. 

To embody the Divine we must stop lying to ourselves about being less than, not capable of, and other such nonsense. As Dr. Walker taught:

We're not trying to cause something to happen to make us feel like we're enough. Quite the opposite. We're using our enoughness as the foundation upon which we satisfy our own creativity.

That quote is highlighted, arrow-ed, and starred in my copy of his book. 

So, stop the excuses, stop the lies. Stop the deceptions, the inaccuracies, and the 'justify's'. Stop resisting with insisting on a falsehood.

Resistance is Hell, for it places man in a “state of torment.”  ~Florence Scovel Shinn, “The Game of Life & How to Play It”

You are enough right here, right now. Always have been, always will be. 

So get crackin''ve got new adventures to unfold!

Affirmative Incantation

I embody the body of the Divine Presence

I embody the chassis of Truth

I recognize and personify my Universal essence

And listen to its wisdom through my internal Bluetooth

I am powerful, I can choose

I anoint me my own guru

And as my own teacher and guide

I tap fully and completely into the ancient, modern, and infinite of the wise

Venerable, admirable; receiving the best advice

Constructive actions are all I materialize

This day I embody the heaven within

And fill my day with joy and all of its synonyms.

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