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Let's Have A Little Treat


Have a little faith in me...

The Universe is singing that to all of us. I know it's telling me that about some things. Lately, I've been studying the history and usage of prayer for my Doctorate dissertation. This has inspired today's talk title:  Let's Have A Treat.

Some of you may have taken my workshop of the same name and will recognize what I am talking about. However, if your declarations haven't demonstrated like you thought...or better, take this as a needed review...I am.

By "treat," I mean both the idea of a goody and this definition of Spiritual Mind Treatment from Ernest Holmes:

The art and act, time and process, and method and science of consciously changing and inducing thought within our subconscious belief system for the purpose of demonstrating a new idea into our experience. 

You might have heard me or others make a call to “treat.”  Spiritual mind treatment is what that is calling; to pray by realigning our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to the ideas we express in our Statements of Principles:

Reveal the Divinity in You
Vibrate at the Speed of the Divine
Bust Through, Soar, and Zoom into the greatest expression of your life

...which is the fulfillment of love, health, creativity, and prosperity in all the spaces, all the times, all the nooks and crannies of your life. Dr. Holmes continues in his definition of treatment:

We are surrounded by a Creative Medium which responds to us through a law of correspondence. Treatment is clearing the thought of negation, of doubt and fear, and causing it to perceive the ever-presence of God.

What we perceive, we become aware of. What we are aware of, we can awaken to. And as we awaken, we can embody this perception in all we think, feel, and do. 

Our minds are full of clutter:

  • the clutter of memories, good and not so good
  • the clutter of opinions and judgments, wise and not so wise
  • the clutter and noise of lies, and decisions, both traumatic and disturbing, and the biases we have accepted which are usually not so good

All of these clutters and biases get in the way! 

  • They get in the way of the new, shiny trinket you're eyeing. 
  • They get in the way of re-igniting your relationship or having any love in your life. 
  • They get in the way of a bigger audience. 
  • They get in the way of (fill in the blank).

But these clutters and biases are not signs of a lost battle. They are not powered by evil. And they are not the result of being left alone to our own devices by the Universe with no potential or no tools or the any influence to change. On the contrary:

You have been left alone to discover your real nature, that as an individual you may consciously unite with the Law of Life and the Presence of Good…Just keep right on knocking at the doorway of your consciousness until every ‘no’ becomes a ‘yes’, every negation an affirmation, every fear a faith. You cannot fail if you remain steadfast. Finally, the fetters of bondage will drop from you. You will walk out of your self-imposed prison only to discover that the door was never really locked and the windows were not actually barred. You were bound merely by chains of unbelief. 
~This Thing Called You

So how do we get out of those chains of unbelief? Patricia Diane Cota-Robles wrote in, “Raising Consciousness: The Shift from Separation to Oneness”:

Trying to change physical conditions without changing my consciousness is like trying to change the reflection in a mirror without changing the object causing the reflection.

We change our consciousness...we change the reflection we are giving. We treat...the...mind and thus the subconscious, and thus the belief system. Having a treat has specific purposes. Treatment unclogs and frees your mind. It's the roto-rooter[1] of mental clarity and spiritual maturity:

  • Instead of removing tree roots and other debris the roto-rooter technician does, it eliminates the b.s. out of your Belief system
  • Instead of cleaning your drain, it cleans your brain
  • Instead of snaking your pipes and other plumbing gripes, it snakes through your mental aches and pains to leave you wide awake

It is said that people are attracted to this teaching and form of prayer with the hope of manifesting conditions and stuff in our material lives. Well, lose the hope - it has little to nothing to do with it. Affirmative prayer or spiritual mind treatment is actually for the purpose of freeing us from our own limited ideas and beliefs...not to just get stuff. Treatment provides a pause to remember who we are and commune with our own consciousness.

Let there be an opening into the quiet that lies beneath the chaos, where you find the peace you did not think possible and see what shimmers within the storm.  ~John O’Donahue, Rebel Thriver, “To Bless the Space Between Us

So first, recognize that God is the All of all! 

You don't have to call It God - call it IT - God doesn't care what you call it! Just recognize the energy and frequency of all creation is here, right now - the Bahagavan, the qi, the life force.

Then unify yourself with that Power (whatever you're going to call it). 

You and that Power are One already, you might as well give in to that truth. It acts through you, as you, in you, and in all life - so, revel in's not going away.

Thirdly, accept and affirm that what you are declaring and revealing in this treatment is happening right now. 

Confirm it with clarity and specificity. Since you've already established and known that you are part of that Big Universal Power thing, you can speak your word without doubt or reservation that the good you desire to experience is now taking form. When you decide to have a treat, your awareness shifts; you become aware of what is actually true and use this process to substitute what was happening in your mind to what you believe now. We focus on the feelings and senses of having this idea or thing in our life. Prayer frees us from the wrong thinking/ideas of the past. Remember, the Universe has your back so you know your desire is complete as you speak it.

Next, have appreciation and gratitude for this acceptance.

Having clearly stated and affirmed what you want to experience, it's time to do what you always do when you have accepted a treat - give thanks. The good you desire is yours right now. So, accept it and give thanks for this good right here and now. 

Finally, release the words, the thoughts, the feelings, the acceptance, and affirm your good as already accomplished.

When you release your prayer to the activity of the Universal Law of Mind, you can completely free yourself of any concern. “I let go and let God. I release this truth in total belief that it is done.”

When we use this incredible tool to treat our minds, freeing us and being led into the freedom that is our birthright, we can break the “chains of unbelief, disbelief, and disapproving logic. Disapproving logic is that monkey mind that says some version of “no” or “impossible.” It most probably will rear its doubting-Thomas- head when a new idea shows up - you just gotta tell it to "shut up." And keep saying so till you mean it and this doubting-Thomas thing lets up.

Get tough, get clear, get connected, and get manifesting!

Come on....let's have a treat!!

Affirmative Incantation

I allow Spirit to overflow me with the Divine Truth.

Thus I am propelled by the Power and Presence of this Truth to free my Mind and receive Its wisdom and reveal Its best ideas.

Today I consciously use this wisdom and these wonderful ideas for the following definite purpose: (reveal your goal for today).

I know my Mind is an outlet through which the Creative Intelligence of the Universe seeks fulfillment.

And so every thought and feeling I have, and any actions I take today, comes through a deep inner perception and the application of my Divine power, and the conviction to my stated goal.

Today I shall be fulfilled and, so too, the Creative Intelligence of the Universe shall be fulfilled.

I am a success!

1. Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup is a Cincinnati-based company providing plumbing repair, sewer & drain services, and water damage cleanup services to residential and commercial customers.                                                                                                                          Note:  The fair use doctrine, consistent with the First Amendment, allows a person to use another's trademark either in its non-trademark, descriptive sense to describe the user's own products (classic, or descriptive, fair use).

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